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BMS Presents - Thad's Favorite Weird Manswers

by spike.com   December 06, 2010 at 3:16PM  |  Views: 2,829

Some things you don’t want to know, but you gotta know, you know?

It's the kind of stuff that your bro asks after taking a long pull off a five-foot long water pipe that I assure you is for tobacco use only.

Wherever they make Manswers must smell like Snoop Dogg’s coat closet is my point. But eventually they come out of whatever haze they’re in and figure this stuff out in the name of science.  It’s really pretty special. And can you really ever know enough about farts? Hey, that’s a pretty good question too.

So here are the five best Manswers that are as weird as that Sammy kid who wears the goat outfit.


5. Which animal is most like having sex with a woman?

When I was in high school I found out which woman is most like having sex with an animal. She was this student teacher in my senior year history class. She smelled like a petting zoo when she got excited, which was always.


4. What can I find in the ocean that’s worth more than gold?

The other answer to this one is Thad Castle manseed. But I guess that only counts when I’m on a boat. Still, if you’re hot enough, you can still get it for free.


3. Can you fart so hard your balls explode?

If you’ve ever eaten at the dining halls at Blue Mountain State, you’ll know that I can fart so hard that your balls explode. 


2. What do you squirt out the most in Your lifetime?

Tears. (Opponents of Blue Mountain State football only)


1. Which animal farts the most?

I really thought it was that Sammy dude. But it doesn’t count if you’re just dressed like a goat. If he tells you that there’s a hundred bucks in the suit and it’s yours if you go in for it headfirst, that’s a trap. Life lesson for my bros.

I got five more favorites coming at you later this week. Guess what they’re about? I’ll give you a hint – Sex!

Keep an eye out for that, and don’t miss the new Wednesdays on Spike. 10PM/9c, you got an all new 1000 Ways To Die. Then you want to stick around for the new season of Manswers, and then a show you may know called Blue Mountain State. It’s going to be epic, so don’t miss it!


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