Own a Piece of Shauna Sand

October 22, 2009

Shauna Sand must be strapped for cash because she’s just posted a video announcing she’s selling her crap…on eBay.

The former Playboy Playmate is best known for her trashy red carpet antics, fake breasts, and botched plastic surgery. The former Mrs. Lorenzo Lamas recently made headlines when a sex tape she made was leaked. However, popular consensus is that it was very much planned. It now seems that Shauna is capitalizing on the recent attention (and the buzz surrounding her ex’s reality television show) to make some cash by selling her stuff.

Shauna appears in a video made to promote the auctions wearing a bikini while sitting on a bed. Her massive breasts are on full display. She speaks into the camera in a baby voice as she (badly) read:

Hi, it’s Shauna. I’ve decided to sell some of my personal items on eBay. This amazing opportunity to purchase my stuff will begin on October 23rd. You will be able to buys photos that I will be able to personally dedicate to each and every one of you. Posters, benchwarmer cards, my shoes, lingerie, bathing suits, and lots of other fun stuff in my closet. You can find all of my amazing stuff at shopofthestars2009 on eBay. I hope that there’s enough of my belongings of everyone. I’m sending you lots of kisses and love and more kisses. Please pass along this message to all your friends. Kiss.

The professional hot mess released two versions of the video, one in English and the other in French (how classy).

Buyers beware: these items probably require a thorough steam cleaning.


Source: Shauna Sand/Derek Steele/FilmMagic/Getty Images