Erin Andrews Continues to Make Things Hard for Perverts

July 16, 2010

ESPN sideline candy Erin Andrews isn’t going to tolerate career-boosting privacy violations anymore. The 32-year-old journalist/celebrity dancer is suing pretty much every hotel she’s every stayed at in an effort to discourage aspiring peephole filmmakers from furthering her career (again).

Andrews has named various Raddison and Marriot hotels as defendants in her cry for attention lawsuit, claiming that they routinely gave out her room number and location while traveling.

“Not only did the hotels confirm that Ms. Andrews was intending to register as a guest, but they also released, without Ms. Andrews’ consent, her room number. The hotels then provided Michael David Barrett [who filmed her changing] a hotel room immediately adjacent to hers,” the statement from law firm Greene, Broilett & Wheeler said.

Interesting to note that The Marriot was a pervert-friendly hotel. Why is Andrews attempting to ruin a perfectly good pro-stalker policy? Oh right, attention.

Perhaps this legal action could lead to a guest spot on America’s Got Talent or tryout for Iron Chef XXI. The possibilities to further exploit this tragedy are endless for Andrews until she runs out of people to sue.

Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage/Getty Images