Yoko Battles Over John Lennon Drug Footage

April 25, 2008



Footage of John Lennon composing songs, smoking weed and talking about putting LSD in Richard Nixon's tea is the focus of a court case over whether the video should be made public.

The case puts Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, against the Lawrence, Massachusetts-based video company World Wide Video. World Wide claims ownership of nine hours of raw footage of Lennon just weeks before The Beatles officially broke up. The footage, recorded from February 8 to 11, 1970, shows Lennon composing two songs, "Remember" and "Mind Games." Lennon also discusses his drug use and has scenes that World Wide describes as "intimate and no-holds-barred."

The outcome of this case will be determined by who legitimately owns the copyright to this film. We will find out in the coming weeks who truly owns this priceless footage. Until then, here’s some vintage video of Lennon and Bob Dylan hammered in the back of a taxi.