The Secret Service Codenames of the Last 12 Presidents

January 31, 2011

Nowadays, the Secret Service doesn’t have as cool of a job as they used to.  They used to have to use codenames for all the people they were protecting in the entire first family.  Possibly even the pets.  Speaking as Reverend Danger, I can state unequivocally how totally *&$%ing rad it is to have a code name.  Perhaps that’s why (even though their telecommunications are encrypted, and they have no reason to) the Secret Service still uses code names.  Hit the jump to see all of them back to before Kennedy.

President-elect Barack Obama: Renegade

Michelle Obama: Renaissance

Malia Obama: Radiance

Sasha Obama: Rosebud

Vice President-elect Joe Biden: Celtic

Jill Biden: Capri

President George W. Bush: Tumbler

First Lady Laura Bush: Tempo

Bill Clinton: Eagle

Hillary Clinton: Evergreen

Chelsea Clinton: Energy

George Bush: Timberwolf

Barbara Bush: Tranquility

Jimmy Carter: Deacon

Rosalynn Carter: Dancer

Amy Carter: Dynamo

Ronald Reagan: Rawhide

Nancy Reagan: Rainbow

Gerald Ford: Passkey

Betty Ford: Pinafore

Richard Nixon: Searchlight

Pat Nixon: Starlight

Lyndon Johnson: Volunteer

Lady Bird Johnson: Victoria

Lynda Bird Johnson: Velvet

Luci Baines Johnson: Venus

John F. Kennedy: Lancer

Jacqueline Kennedy: Lace

Caroline Kennedy: Lyric

John F. Kennedy Jr.: Lark

Dwight Eisenhower: Providence

Harry Truman: General

Ted Kennedy (during 1970 campaign): Sunburn

Kitty Dukakis: Panda

Scott McClellan: Matrix

Jed Bartlett: Eagle and Liberty

C.J. Cregg: Flamingo

Zoey Bartlett: Bookbag

[The Chicago Tribune]