Golf Bra Makes Scoring More Fun

November 12, 2009

One of the major problems with golf is there’s not enough breasts involved. Well a Japanese bra company has come to the rescue, creating a bra that doubles as a putting green.

The great thing about the "Nice Cup in Bra" is once you’ve suavely removed it, you can play some golf. The green corset-style garments unroll and transform into a functioning putting green, measuring 1.5 meters across (about five feet). The player scores when they putt a ball into one of the two bra cups. When this happens a recorded voice tells you, “Nice shot.” The bra also comes with a matching pink skirt and briefs, which transform into a flag that reads “Be quiet.”

Triumph Lingerie, the manufacturer behind the bra, claims it was created because of the rising popularity of golf among Japanese women. But seriously, who are they trying to kid? We all know this bra is intended for women whose men are into golf. Do they honestly think women would wear this, and then take it off for some putting practice? Does the company assume women play golf in the nude? We can only dream.

At least it’s good to know if you get her top off, you now have two ways to get one in the hole.


Source: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images