Ming Dynasty vs Vlad the Impaler

January 4, 2011




Nest of Bees.

Three Pole Gun.

Mechanical Landmine.




Steel Crossbow.

Hand Cannon.



Dao vs Kilij. Edge = Kilij.

The Dao will bounce off the plated chain mail of Vlad, and the lesser armor of the Ming will let the Kilij slice through.

Ji vs Halberd. Edge = Even.

Both are very similar in shape and design, with similar heads, meaning for each fighter similar results.

Pole Gun vs Hand Cannon. Edge = Pole Gun.

The Pole Gun can shoot off three bullets faster then Vlad can shoot, and the reloading time is about the same, but still the Ming pack a victorious punch, even if Vlad can club him with his spike on it.

Nest of Bees vs Crossbow. Edge = Nest of Bees.

With the longer range, faster speed, and multiple projectiles going at once, the Nest of Bees is far deadlier than the slowest and clumsiest Crossbow.

Landmine vs Grenade. Edge = Landmine.

Usually I'd give the edge to a Grenade that can be thrown, but the Landmine has a larger explosion, and takes out more people at once.


Vlad the Impaler just fought off a group of the Turks, and he, along with five of his army, take cover in the forest, where they reload their weapons and recover from minor injuries from the battle. After they do so, they are ready to shoot and kill, but no one is there. They start walking slowly, for fear a sneak attack is set up. One of the men in front steps on something, where the ground below explodes and takes him and another fighter out.

Ming: 6. Vlad: 4.

As soon as the ground blew up, a group of men jump out from behind trees and boulders and soon all are firing at one another. A Ming that ran up with a Ji was shot in the throat, and another Vlad soldier slashed at a Ming with his halberd, but he missed, and the Ming twirled around him, and stabbed his dao in his head.

Ming: 5. Vlad: 3.

A Ming ran up to Vlad, but he clubbed him with his hand cannon, the spike lodging in his temple. He lifted the cannon up and shot another Ming in the heart.

Across the field, a Ming and another Vlad soldier charged at each other with their ji and halberd, and Ming was able to dodge, and stab the spike into the neck.

Ming: 3. Vlad: 2.

Another Ming runs back to the top of a hill where he pulls up his nest of bees, and fires all 32 arrows. A majority of the arrows strayed off and missed, but one of Vlad's soldiers were shot right in the eye, killing him in seconds.

Vlad threw his grenade, which landed between the last three Ming, but the explosion threw them back and only killed one. One of the last Ming ran up and fought Vlad with their swords, while the last one reloaded his three pole gun. When the sword Ming fell down, Vlad stabbed into his neck, and when he looked up, the other Ming shot him in the head. The last Ming dropped his pole gun and yelled in victory.

Ming: 1. Vlad: 0.

Ming Dynasty: 589.

Dao: 79.

Ji: 103.

Nest of Bees: 34.

Three Pole Gun: 196.

Mechanical Landmine: 177.

Vlad the Impaler: 411.

Kilij: 118.

Halberd: 126.

Steel Crossbow: 6.

Hand Cannon: 121.

Grenade: 40.