Mantenna - Monday, June 21

June 21, 2010

Vanessa Carlton likes both men and women, Fat Joe gets investigated for sexual assault, and a chemical from broken LCD TVs could save lives...what happens in the Mantenna, stays in the Mantenna !

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Vanessa Carlton is Bi

Vanessa Carlton has decided to tell the world she likes both men and women. The 29-year-old singer/songwriter declared her sexuality in public for the first time at Nashville Pride, where she was the headliner. She told the crowd of 18,000, “I've never said this before, but I am a proud bisexual woman.” Carlton is best known for her 2000 hit single "A Thousand Miles.” In the past she has been romantically linked with John Mayer and Stephen Jenkins. It is unknown who she is currently dating or if she’s ever even dated a woman. [MTV]

Even Spencer Pratt’s Dad Doesn’t Like Him

Spencer Pratt was one celebrity who did not celebrate father’s day yesterday. Yesterday Spencer tweeted, “This is the day my earth dad wishes he had worn a condom. No joke.” According to Us magazine it was Spencer’s sister Stephanie who caused the family fallout. The magazine says Spencer “thinks she's a loser and doesn't want anything to do with her” and that means talking to his parents, whom he says “charged him with taking care of her." Pratt’s life has seemed to crumble of late. He is currently separated from wife Heidi Montag and was removed from the cast of The Hills after a violent outburst. Us magazine says Pratt’s parents “noticed him changing two years ago and stayed by his side. But now it's too much. They even took the pictures of him out of their home." [Us]

Fat Joe Investigated for Sexual Assault

Photo:Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images 

Fat Joe was detained by police in Madison, Wisconsin last night after a 33-year-old woman told cops that Joe and his entourage sexually assaulted her inside a limousine. According to Madison PD, the woman claims the incident went down after the New York MC, Joseph Cartagena, performed at a gig at The Orpheum Theater last night. According to the Madison PD, the woman claims, "shortly after the concert had concluded ... [the woman] found herself inside of a Cadillac Limousine with Joseph Cartagena and other male subjects all with the destination of a hotel located on Madison's west side." Sounds like some serious drama in the making. [TMZ]

North Korean Soccer Fans Actually Chinese Actors

Perhaps one of the most touching moments of the World Cup was when ESPN showed hundreds of grateful North Korean soccer fans boisterously cheering for their home country. Had they actually been from North Korea - and not a collection of Chinese actors paid to look North Korean - it would have been a truly indelible image. Luckily, North Korean residents were allowed to read the government approved recap of the game, instead. [Newser]

New $199 "Slim" Xbox 360 on the Way

A Microsoft representative has confirmed that a $199 version of the new "short" Xbox 360 will be available this fall. Kotaku recently reported on a retailer document revealing the cheaper version of the console, along with a SKU containing both the new Xbox system and Kinect. Microsoft declined to comment on the Kinect bundle or offer any further details of the $199 model (beyond the price and release window). [PC World]

Chemical From Broken LCD TVs Could Save Lives

Next time your Wiimote accidentally gets thrown into your LCD TV, don't fret too much—chemicals found in the broken TV sets could be used to fight infections in the human body. The welcome news has come from research undertaken by the University of York in England, which found that the polyvinyl-alcohol, or PVA, can actually fight off viruses and infections, either as medicine or a cleaning agent for homes. Obselete technojunk - the new penicillin! [Giz Mag]

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