The World Unseen Movie Review

March 18, 2010

The World Unseen is a lesbian interest movie with a difference. Based in 1950's South Africa when apatheid or racial segregation was the norm
The World Unseen is an excruciating love story that features a lesbian restaurant proprietor who falls in love with an Indian South African housewife

Miriam [acted by Lisa Ray] is the traditional married woman whose function is to bear babies and be a attentive wife. Her marriage would be bearable if her husband gave her a little more love and respect but with his money problems and his perceived concept of what a husband should be, her husband does not recognize the problems in his family
On a rear day out, Miriam goes to Amina's restaurant with her sister-in-law

Amina acted by Sheethal Sheth is a woman ahead of her time. Independent and openly lesbian, life has been a little difficult but she refuses to compromise her values.  Both women are immediately fascinated by each other when they meet. A strong attraction soon developes between them which is impossible to ignore and a taboo to admit.

The world unseen discloses a great depth of understanding about South Africa during the era and a rich and absorbing form of narration. The film director, Shamim Sarif, who also wrote the book on which this movie is based, seems to have used her own experience as a lesbian woman

Although a lesbian movie and a lesbian romance, The World Unseen addresses other important and sometimes tough to watch issues. Like racial segregation and mental wife abuse