Sarah Jessica Parker - Hot or Not?

May 12, 2008


Sarah Jessica Parker has long been considered a fashion iconand a doyenne of style. She is idolized by women, especially the single,thirty-something ones who are man hungry, drink cosmopolitans and have gossipfilled brunches. Yes, she is responsible for these women. Over the weekend shewas photographed in a ridiculous hat at the Sex in the City World Premier in London, jeopardizing the one thing she has going for her – style.


I frankly don’t understand Sarah Jessica Parker’s mass appeal.Don’t get me wrong, I’ve caught the odd episode of Sex in the City and enjoyedit and she’s been ok in other films. She obviously likes to keep in shape and lovesto get passionate and political about things such as education. But is she hot.The readers of Maxim magazine certainly don’t think so. They recently voted her“Unsexiest Woman Alive”, a title she did not take kindly to.

So what do you think - Is she hot or not?