Doctor Who's Who: Ranking the Doctors

August 7, 2013
Source: Michael Putland/Hulton Archive

01. THE FOURTH DOCTOR (1974-1981)

Played by: Tom Baker

Newer fans would put Tennant in this spot, but for those of a certain age, there is only one Doctor and all others are merely pretenders to the throne. The Fourth Doctor's look was unique, but not garish. He was brave, but not aggressive. And the scarf! The scarf alone earns him the top spot. All joking aside, Tom Baker is the Doctor by which all others are measured.


As always, feel free to yell in the comments about how awful and terrible this list is. And while you're writing out your screed, you can watch our latest episode of All Access Weekly from the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con. Guess who we ran into? Oh, only AARON ECKHART and SNL star and future Late Night host SETH MEYERS. Fancy that!


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