New Poster for The Invention of Lying

August 31, 2009

A poster for Ricky Gervais's new movie, The Invention of Lying, is finally here, and it looks pretty cool. The movie is about a guy (Gervais) who lives in a world where everyone tells the truth all the time, but he has discovered how to lie and uses it to his advantage. All signs point to this being a great movie from Gervais, who also wrote and directed it with Matthew Robinson. Jennifer Garner, Louis C.K., and Rob Lowe co-star. Hit the jump to see the full poster.

Gervais hasn't had a lot of exposure on the big screen yet, and the little exposure he's had hasn't been mind-blowing. The first film he headlined was the mediocre Ghost Town, which didn't get anyone too excited. But the buzz around The Invention of Lying has been good, and the concept feels like it's got lots of room for solid comedy. Plus, it just never hurts to have Rob Lowe in your movie (assuming your movie wasn't made in the '80s).


Thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures for the poster.