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Gamer Girl Hotties: Raychul Moore Exclusive Interview

by Reverend_Danger   February 23, 2009 at 5:29PM  |  Views: 2,227

Raychul Moore loves to be scared, she loves video games, and was stoked this year when she went to the Adult Entertainment Expo and got her boob licked by her favorte porn star.  She doesn’t want your flowers or your candy.  She wants to go to Disney World in October.  Also, her boyfriend isn’t as big as me!  Hit the jump for the full interview, her gallery, or give her a shout out in the comments.

Gamer girls are real? 

Yeah, we have been hiding out in our parents' basements, too. Recently people have been starting to believe in magic and wonder, so we have been appearing everywhere.

You’re on like a billion sites about girls that game.  You even run a few.  What are they, and what are the differences between them?

I run GameGirl.com and GamerBabe.net, and I have profiles on gaming sites like 1Up.com, Playfire.com, and Pwned.com.

The differences are: GameGirl.com has 10 super-cute girls who all write about gaming -- whether it’s a game review, an opinion on current news or just awesomely nerdy things that we are excited or interested in. We are mainly a gaming site, but of course talk of comics, anime, and Star Wars always slips in as well. We are a really close group of girls.

GamerBabe.net is just me. I just do a run-through of the day’s news on game releases, new DLC content, game announcements, and so forth. GamerBabe is like your all-in-one gaming news feed. The other sites are great community social sites where you can meet and chat with other gamers everywhere.

What’s with your name?  FACT: That is not how to spell Rachel.

[Laughs] I know, I didn’t come up with it, but I wish I could take the credit. I love it. It’s spelt phonetically yet people still have trouble pronouncing it. Ray-chul...see, that’s not that hard.

Why do you love survival horror so much?

I love to be scared! I have a huge passion for horror movies, and I can go head-to-head with anyone claiming to be a horror-trivia expert. I also love checking out haunted houses around Halloween. There is nothing too scary for me. In fact I purposely try to hunt down things that I hope will scare me. So naturally, I want my games to scare me, too. I don’t like the “jump out and startle you” tactics like Dead Space -- that’s a cheap effect and doesn’t require creativity. I like games that just make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable through the entire game, like Fatal Frame and Silent Hill. Make me scared even when there is nothing going on. That’s what I like.

Raychul Moore’s ideal date is:

If I could go anywhere…anywhere at all for a date, it would be to Disney World then to an animal shelter to pick me out a new pet. There is nowhere else in the whole that I love more than Disney World.

I guess, if that’s too big of a request, I would say more realistically I would like to be taken to an amusement park during October when the park is open and doing their haunted house stuff. Roller coasters and haunted houses -- that’s my kinda date! Oh, and don’t bring flowers. I don’t like to be romanced in the traditional kinda way.

Source: Raychul Moore

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