Reggie Miller Loves Married Women

September 21, 2009

Ever wonder what former Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller does when he’s not warning Charles Barkley about the dangers of competitive eating on his mildly popular TNT broadcasts? Well, no need to speculate anymore.

According to reports coming out of California, not only does the six-foot-eight, 117-pounder spend time watching re-runs of his Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper cameos, but he also takes time out of his busy day to stalk married women in ways that windowless van enthusiast Chris Kaman would be alarmed by.

In fact, one woman in California was so annoyed by Miller’s sexual advances that she filed a restraining order against him after he followed her out of a grocery store, chased her car down the highway, and then began sending her dozens of text messages every hour. (Who says romance is dead?)

Ali Kay, fiancée’ of Alex Von Furstenberg and future daughter-in-law of fashion icon Dianne Von Furstenberg and media mogul Barry Diller, explained that while Miller’s gestures may flatter other girls who enjoy long walks on the beach and fearing for their lives, she did not find his particular brand of courtship all that enticing.

Apparently, neither did the man she is marrying. Von Furstenberg filed suit against Miller claiming the NBA three-point king said “I have friends with guns” and to “stop asking questions” about his desire to be the creepiest sports analyst since Marv Albert.

Recently the case has been settled after Miller apologized, but mysteriously someone flew a banner behind a small plane during an AVP Volleyball Tournament that Miller attended reading “Reggie Miller, Stop Pursuing Married Women.”

Score one for vigilante justice and aviated insults.

If you want more creepiness, check out the restraining order, complete with Reggie Miller's phone number.

Source: Stephen Sugerman/Getty Images