Mantenna - Monday, November 16

November 16, 2009

Paris Hilton declares war on the Kardashians, Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes for M.I.4, and Simon Cowell and Sting get into some serious verbal drama...the Mantenna will never submit!

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Paris Declares War with Kardashians

Paris Hilton is enraged that the Kardashian sisters have eclipsed her in the fame game. She’s reportedly furious that her one-time best friends now earn more money and garner more attention, especially since she’s the one who taught them how to do it. According to Page Six, Hilton is mad “that Kim got her start by hanging out in Hollywood with her -- and now, the Kardashians have it all, the reality shows, the magazine covers, the big appearance fees, and promotional deals.” Hilton thinks she’s no longer the “it girl” because of the recession. She believes the Kardashian girls come across as more “real” and that more people identified with them. Hilton is apparently being advised “to ditch the pink Bentley and concentrate on developing herself." Let the war begin. [New York Post]

Texan Lies About Cancer to Get Boob Job

In a desperate bid to get bigger breasts and save her marriage, a 24-year-old Texan woman lied about having breast cancer. She managed to swindle $10,000 raised for her by family and friends at a benefit and subsequently spent the money having breast implants. Trista Joy Lathern even went as far as shaving her head so that people thought she’d undergone chemotherapy. Lathern says she planned the ruse to save her seven-month marriage. She’s been charged with theft by deception and her husband has filed for a marriage annulment. At least she gets to keep the boobs. [MSNBC]

Tom Cruise Wants Katie Holmes for M.I.4

Tom Cruise is gearing up for Mission Impossible: 4 and wants wife Katie Holmes to play the villain in the next installment of the action franchise. The couple is reportedly desperate to work together, however they do not want to appear onscreen as a couple. According to Monsters and Critics, “Tom is very excited about taking Mission: Impossible in a new direction and he sees Katie as a big part of that. They have wanted to work together for a while now but the idea of being a couple onscreen in a romantic comedy is a bit dull. This might give them a chance to have some fun both as a couple and as hero and villainess." This does not bode well for the film. [Monsters and Critics]

Simon Cowell and Sting Trade Some Serious Words


Source: Richard E. Aaron/Getty Images

TV ass clown Simon Cowell has sparked a war of words with Sting after The Police frontman slammed his talent shows as "televised karaoke." Sting expressed his outrage over American Idol and The X Factor, even calling the shows "appalling" and accusing Cowell of "humiliating" contestants. Cowell retaliated on Saturday night's episode of The X Factor by asking Sting to prove his talents on the show. He said, "I think this show and other shows have given people like Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle a chance. And I'm going to extend an invitation to Sting to come on the show and impart his knowledge. [People]

Cincinnati Bengals Sign Third String Running Back With First Rate Mental Problems

In order to help Cincinnati fans adjust to the unfamiliar feeling of cheering for a team with more quality wins than player arrests, Bengals management is apparently ready to sign gay slur enthusiast Larry Johnson for the remainder of the season. The move will help add depth to the Bengals' rushing attack after Cedric Benson injured his hip on Sunday, and most importantly, show that even the most mediocre NFL players still don't have to be decent human beings or, in any way, be held accountable for their actions. [ESPN]

Apple Patents Forced Ad Viewing Tech On Devices

Always looking for a way to increase their bottom line, Apple has filed a patent that forces users to interact with an ad. Its distinctive feature is a design that doesn't simply invite a user to pay attention to an ad — it also compels attention. The technology can freeze the device until the user clicks a button or answers a test question to demonstrate that he or she has dutifully noticed the commercial message. Because this technology would be embedded in the innermost core of the device, the ads could appear on the screen at any time, no matter what one is doing. Don't know about you, but the day this tech goes into effect is the day we here at Spike ditch our beloved iPhones. [New York Times]

Russia Bans Modern Warfare 2

You may recall much ado over some questionable gameplay in the latest Call of Duty, in which your character is at the forefront of a terrorist attack. Well, that content has led to a recall of Modern Warfare 2 in Russia. Seems the Russian government was none too happy about the portrayal of Russia in the game and decided to yank it from stores. Infinity Ward has responded with a patch that removes the "No Russian" mission (the content in question) from the storyline. Before you overly criticize the Russian government, there may be some truth to the claim that the game's storyline overly demonizes Russians as just terrorists as the Russian site alleges. Is cultural sensitivity becoming an overly played card in the gaming world? Not too long ago, Wolfenstein was recalled in Germany for containing Nazi symbols.

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