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Lose Virginity and Save the Internet

by ncoles   April 23, 2008 at 3:00PM  |  Views: 2,484


Tania Derveaux is so passionate about net neutrality that she is offering to sleep with any virgin who signs up to her website. The stunt is in response to recent comments by Europe based Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett who stated that "this net neutrality thing is a load of b****cks". Tania says that:

I'm using sex in a positive way to spread awareness. The reason why only virgins can apply is because I don’t want to make this promise to such a large amount of people that I’ll have to turn some down.


So if you’ve been saving yourself for a good cause and are passionate about the net, Tania’s offer sounds too good to refuse. Interested candidates should be aware of Tania’s detailed requirements and rules of conduct:

  • applicants must be 18yrs old or above
  • condom must be used, except if the applicant prefers to release his semen upon Tania's body without any oral or vaginal contact
  • Anal sex is negotiable, although Tania will cease the performance immediately if any form of 'surprise buttsex' occurs
  • multiple participants are not allowed, but applicants are entitled to have an audience observe the performance
  • if anywhere along the process, it becomes clear that the applicant is not a virgin, Tania reserves the right to terminate all activity
  • applicant must be able to provide sufficient evidence that clearly shows he has been defending net neutrality (eg. a print-out of a forum post, a link to a vlog)
  • applicant agrees that in the event of the applicant infringing upon Terms of Service during the process of the act, Tania is not responsible for any genital injury that the applicant may suffer
  • Tania may deny service for hygiene reasons

For more info watch Tania and a group of dudes (who may or may not have taken up Tania's offer) talk about net neutrality:

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