SWAT vs Medellin Cartel

October 4, 2010

This battle is one that could be likely, that would be likely, warriors by their own right, be it from training or experience. We have a Los Angeles SWAT team vs the Medellin Drug Cartel. Only one question remains.






Initial Edge: Based on equipment alone, this one has SWAT written all over it. However, you can never be so sure. The Medellin Cartel's arsenal is pretty versatile, with the ability to take out armored opponents.


The Medellin Cartel were a bunch of drug dealers from Columbia. They were well-known for distributing a LOT of Cocaine throughout their existence. However, their end came when some group members got sloppy. They were eventually gunned down. However, this was after having a Civil War with Columbia. They were a force to be reckoned with. How will the L.A. SWAT fare?


Los Angeles is a crime-ridden place, for the most part, but I cannot name one perfect place. The SWAT in LA have their work cut out for them still. They do things from drug raids to Barricaded Suspect situations. Their mixture of lethal and non-lethal items and tactics have solidified their place as a professional paramilitary branch of the American Law Enforcement.


Will the Medellin Brutality stand up to the Police code of conduct? Will the larger caliber win?


On to the weapon comparisons.


NOTE: I will not write down all of the data for the weapons if they are available in the episodes. I will, however, write down a brief description, and replace/give some weapons.


Let's start it off with the Special Weapons (Machete is here because the SWAT doesn't have an official melee weapon by my knowledge)

Medellin Cartel: The Colombian team brings a ferocious, time-proven agricultural tool. Usually used to clear out brush or harvest/chop plants, the Machete has been a popular weapon in uprisings, and in criminal organizations. The Medellin Cartel would normally use it in executions, or while giving a Colombian Necktie. However, the Machete is a proven combat weapon for close-quarters situations.


SWAT: The SWAT team brings a non-lethal, multi-use weapon. The Cobra Stun Gun! It can either serve as a taser or a contact stun gun. It fires twice before being reloaded. A taser causes muscle convulsions. While it doesn't kill on its own, in a Deadliest WARRIOR episode, this will make a huge difference. How could one fight back while they are clenched up in pain?


EDGE: The edge goes to the SWAT team for their Cobra stun gun, because the Medellin Cartel wears regular civilian clothes, they would not be able to protect against the prongs or contact very well. While the Machete is a fear-inducing weapon, the distance of the taser carries through.




Medellin Cartel: The Car Bomb, a large, heavy bundle of TNT. It is rigged to cars, as the name suggests. When it explodes, depending on how much TNT is available, it could level a city block. The Cartel has used these before, they do not care for civilian life, or collateral damage.

SWAT: The Stingball Grenade is synonymous with Law Enforcement, and SWAT teams use them too. This grenade, when exploded, will cause many rubber balls to fly around. While many people underestimate the rubber balls' power, the truth is that if you are hit by one, it will cause a welt, and severe pain.


EDGE: The edge goes to the Medellin Cartel for their Car Bomb. While the Stingball is another great incapacitator, the Car Bomb is just total devistation. It could cause the entire SWAT element Failure if they are not careful.




Medellin Cartel: The UZI, a weapon with a Hebrew origin. The weapon was quickly adopted by Law Enforcement Agencies AND Criminals. It can fire about 600 rounds a minute. For a submachine gun that is small enough to be concealed, that is very impressive. The Cartel generally rode by a car on a motorcycle, emptied a magazine, and drove away in the crowded streets of Medellin.


SWAT: The PSD, a custom-made rifle with a large caliber. The rifle throws out 900 rounds a minute, which is, indeed, extremely impressive. L.A. SWAT uses the PSD for high-stress situations, when body armor could be a factor for them to deal with.

Edge: This may sound EXTREMELY crazy, but I cannot give an edge. One is a rifle, and one is a submachinegun. While the PSD is superior, it is situational, and the UZI is seemingly easier to use in a medium-range situation.



Medellin Cartel: The Cartel used this Vietnam-era shredder for heavy duty purposes. The weapon is unreliable for the most part, especially if it gets dirty or wet. However, the ease of access that the Cartel had to these weapons didn't make it hard to procure. While it does have its problems, it kills, fast.


SWAT: When it comes to sniping, SWAT has a weapon that they believe is perfect for any job. The Remington 700, a bolt action sniper rifle that is deadly accurate. The bolt action part being a disadvantage, in some fast-paced cases. It has the ability to place a perfect shot, any SWAT sniper will need to be well versed in its use.

Edge: Once again, dead even. It is all situational, in my opinion. If that sniper has to go indoors for any reason, that rifle would be near-useless. The machinegun can be used at long range, but not as effectively.


I will not go in to detail here, as it is obvious.

SWAT gets the edge in defense power.


SWATs teamwork doesn't necessarily mean it works all the time. Even.


Now that the comparisons are done, it's time for battle.



Similar to Mr_Francavilla, I prefer stories over the generally short battle meetings. Since this isn't an acted performance, I feel like I can stretch it out. If you lose patience, skip the story.


Inside of a non-descript warehouse in Los Angeles, it was a normal day for 6 members of the Medellin Cartel. The leader of that particular gang was named Ricardo Estavez. He wore sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a tan, rough jacket over civilian clothing. He carried a machete, which he inspected every part of, swinging it slowly every once in a while.

"Boss." A man wearing a bandana over his mouth stated. He blended in with the gangster crowd of LA.

The boss called back emotionlessly. "What is it now, Abran?"


Abran held a detonator. "Rodriguez says that he saw increased police activity around here. Like, cops are driving all around this block."

Ricardo peered over to him. "And do you think that will stop the Cocaine deal we have today?"

Little did they know, a microphone was capturing everything they said. . .



A dispatcher had listened to the entire conversation going on between the Colombians. Everything was heard, the coughs, the deep inhales, the chuckles. The location details, everything. The police have been planning a raid on the warehouse for weeks, and they only needed proof.

The dispatcher picked up the radio sitting on her desk.

"Adam, Boy, and Truck One. I have word that drugs and weapons are indeed inside of the warehouse on 5555 Benjamin Square. The element of Sergeant Johnson, standing by?"

In a flash, an element of 5, and their sniper, were gearing up. Only one man, Private Jiminez, took a Cobra Stun Gun along with the stingball grenades. They blitzed to their SWAT van, discussing the mission. Sergeant Johnson cleared his throat, and began.

"Alright, boys, this one is a toughie. A Cartel cell with about 6 members are holed up in the Benjamin Warehouse, planning a big drug deal. We got a tip from a witness of a drug deal. They call themselves the 'Medellin Drug Cartel'."

Private Jiminez cocked a brow. "Like the city in Colombia?"

"Precisely. They have been operating under our noses for a while now, selling to prominent and non-prominent gangs in this area. We are instructed to exercise extreme caution. They will not be arrested easily, and if we do arrest them, they will probably end up getting us assassinated.

"So, Sierra One is going to have side 2 level 1, we are going to enter from the only safe door, After we ride up, no sirens, we enter the door in Side One Level One. Sierra will give us the overview of what he sees, and then we enter, got it?"

Everyone nodded to the Sergeant. He beamed, as everyone put on their Kevlar Helmets. "Let's roll out!"

They hopped in their truck, and sped off.



As much as Ricardo was sure that everything was fine, that the day was normal, Abran set up in advance, taking the large bundle of TNT from a crate and placing it outside, under some decorative shrubbery. It blended in well. The TNT bundle was not that large, so it would minimize damage to the warehouse.

Abran stepped back in to the room, and flicked the radio switch on.

"Fucking American Music." Abran spat.

The other members chuckled, nodding in agreement.

"All I ask for is some---"

"Good Salsa, we know." Ricardo cut in.

Abran shook his head and glared, turning down the volume. He swore that the radio had some odd slam-like sound.

"Did you hear that?"



"Sierra One reporting, I am in position in the motel across the street, Side two, level one." The sniper focused, through his scope, he observed some shadows flicking around, doing several motions.




"I have to go take a piss, boss. I will be back. Do not discuss the deal yet." A curly-haired Columbian stood up, and headed for the bathroom, as soon as he stepped in to the natural light, all hell broke loose.

CRACK! The window had a large bullethole in it, the sniper hit the Cartel member in the temple, ending his life. His blood spilled all over the ground. His fellow members stared in panic.

SWAT 6  Cartel 5

Abran hissed. "I told you, man!" He gripped his M60 tight, making sure everything was spic and span, before blitzing off in to one of the hallways, away from the door, that is.

Ricardo looked at one member, carrying an Uzi in his right hand. "Take position in the hallway. ABRAN, PREP THE DETONATOR IF YOU HAVE YOUR TNT SET UP!"



"The door is noooow open." Another private on the Swat team gave a thumbs up. Sergeant Johnson gave the breach order.

"Opening now." Another officer had taken position behind his team mate, staring right at the door.

The door was fully ajar with a single shove.

"Go, go, go!" The private that had picked the door shouted. He sprang in to action, but it was short lived. The Cartel member with the Uzi popped out of a dark corner, and peppered him to death, but he, in return, was killed.

SWAT 5 Cartel 4


Sierra One was still focused. Abran, however, had a different plan. He got up to the second floor, Still on the side the sniper was focused on. Abran, knowing the window was watched, did a combat roll past it. Sierra fired, even without orders, knowing that all of these men would fight back.



Abran broke out in a sweat. With his loaded machine gun, he peered out, but was fired at yet again. After several tries, he found a pattern. The sniper reloaded quickly, but still too slow to evade retaliation.

The next time Abran felt a break in fire, he peppered the SWAT sniper relentlessly. "See you in hell!" He waved, thrusting his giant machinegun in the air with pride.

SWAT 4 Cartel 4

Downstairs, things weren't so fantastic. Ricardo wasn't able to get to another room in time, so he was stuck, hiding behind a box. He would have to use active cover in order to effectively make it out alive.

One other member was prepared with an Uzi, yet again. The third Cartel member, with another M60, headed off in to a bathroom.




"Prep a stinger." The Sergeant ordered. Jiminez complied, prepping his grenade and tossing it in to the open room.

"As soon as that thing blows, fan out."


The Cartel member that was so ready for combat had now dropped his gun in sheer agony. All four members entered, and he was killed.

SWAT 4 Cartel 3

Ricardo leapt from his crate to another, he was grazed by a bullet as he did his tricky manuever, but he was still able. Without picking up his sub-machinegun, he took off the same way Abran did, instead of simply blitzing up the stairs, though, he hid behind the wall.

The SWAT member that pursued him was caught off guard. He fired PSD shots in to the ceiling, before he was brutally executed by the machete. The Cartel member gave him a quick Colombian Neck-tie, even though he didn't have much time. The cop's blood dribbled out of his neck, and on to the floor.

SWAT 3 Cartel 3



In an act of utter bravery, the Cartel member that hid in the bathroom bursted out, firing two shots before jamming. One struck the shoulder of the last person who entered the room, and one hit Jiminez in the head. He managed to fire a tazer shot at the same time the M60 was fired. The Cartel member tensed up, and fell to the floor.

The Sergeant strode up to him. "This is for Jiminez, you piece of shit!" He gripped his PSD as tight as his hands would allow him, before firing a single shot right in to the man's head, almost ripping the upper half off.

SWAT 2 Cartel 2

Sergeant Johnson immediately sat the injured private down. "Benjamin, come on, man!" Benjamin stared up at him. The shoulder would was lethal. It only took 10 seconds of staring, and his eyes had rolled in to his head. His kevlar-clad body went limp. Johnson teared up, closing his eyes. He had something to do...

SWAT 1 Cartel 2


Upstairs, the Colombians were celebrating, Abran was bragging about how he took out a SWAT sniper. Ricardo nodded. "This will send a clear message to the police." Abran gave a Thumbs up in approval.

"You are damn right it will." A deep, angry voice stated. Abran could not even scream "Shit!" before his head had a bullet in it. That was the last bullet Johnson had. He tossed his PSD aside, he had picked up Jiminez's taser.

Ricardo locked glares with the SWAT officer, readying his Machete. He took a wild swing, which had cut the officer's side, Johnson's eyes widened. He over-exaggerated his wounds, which made Ricardo smile even wider.

"No cop steps in the way of the Cartel. Nobody does. And if I must teach that lesson to all of L.A., you are damn right I will!" He raised his machete high in the air.

Johnson took his only opportunity to take down the L.A. cell once and for all. He held his Cobra tight, slamming it straight in to Ricardo's stomach, which made him drop down on the ground.

The SWAT officer stood over him triumphantly. He picked up the shaking Cartel member, holding the machete that had his own blood on it. "What Cartel?" He sneered, taking one big chop, and lopping the Cartel member's head off.

Johnson spoke in to his radio. "TOC, this is Entry Team, we are done here. Four casualties, including Sierra One, from what I heard, and saw." He choked up. "Put 'em on safe, and let them hang..." He stated to all of the SWAT corpses, once he entered the main room. "We're done here."

SWAT 1 Cartel 0


SWAT won, with 64 percent of the kills. The Medellin Cartel only took about 36 percent of the kills. This is in large part to the more professional equipment that the SWAT carried.

SWAT- 643

PSD - 235

Stingball - 10

Cobra Stun Gun - 167

Remington 700 - 231

Cartel - 356

Uzi - 103

Car Bomb - 0

Machete - 97

M60 - 156


Best Performing Weapon:  The PSD rifle racked up the most kills with 235 Cartel members slain.

Least Performing Weapon: The Car Bomb got absolute zero. Although I gave it my edge, I thought carefully, with the SWAT able to breach so fast, would a small car bomb have any use?