Spielberg: Avatar Will Be the Biggest 3-D Live-Action Film EVER

March 20, 2009

James Cameron's new film, Avatar, has been in the making for...well, forever. It's headed our way this December, and from all accounts it's going to be the biggest 3-D live-action film ever. And when I say "all accounts" I mean Steven Spielberg, who's probably a pretty good judge of these things. How are we going to make it to December?

A new Time article explores the future of 3-D films, and points out that the budget for Cameron's Avatar is already in excess of $200 million. Titanic is going to look like a student short film by the time he's done spending on his latest opus. When he initially conceived the idea in 1995, Cameron's crew's reaction was: "We can't do this. We'll die."

Thanks to the resurgence of the popularity of 3-D and some technological innovations by Cameron, Avatar is soon going to be a reality in theaters all over the country. The fact that both Spielberg and his Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg are big supporters of the new 3-D says a lot about the potential success of its future.

Soon, gone will be the days of viewing movies in two dimensions. Katzenberg states in the article that over 2,000 theaters will be outfitted for digital 3-D viewing within the week, thanks to the March 27 release of Dreamworks's new film Monsters vs. Aliens.

But will all the incredible 3-D imagery, and all the new technology, and the best digital projection in the world be enough to make lots of people flood the theaters to get a glimpse of Cameron's Avatar? Will it live up to its hype -- and budget -- and truly be the biggest 3-D live-action film ever?

We'll find out this December. I know I'll be one of the first people in line.

Source: Hal Garb/Getty Images