The Top Seven Things You Must Do This Spring Break

March 28, 2009

Spring break is that joyous time of the year where you can let your hair down and go wild. It’s a time where you leave your inhibitions at home, forget about classes, papers, and parental pressure and instead focus on partying. It’s also a time to mingle and get intimate with the opposite sex. The spring break experience is not something that lasts forever, so you better make the most of it while you can.

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7. Get Some Sun


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The weather is great, and you’re at an exotic location. Yes, you may wake up and feel like you want to die because of what you did the night before, but that's no excuse. Buck up. You only live once. Spring break is all about living life to the fullest. Don’t spend all day in bed wasting away the day. Get out and about and soak up the sun, whose rays will help make you feel better with a dose of vitamin D. The cooling effects of the water will also help numb the pain your body is experiencing from the night before.

Hitting the beach, lake, or pool is also a great way to meet girls and make plans for that evening. So be social, network, and talk to everyone.  This will ensure you'll find where all the best parties are.

6. Prank a Friend


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Apart from chasing tail, spring break is also about bonding with your buddies. Remember, girls come and go, but a good friend is a friend for life. But you shouldn’t let your friends totally off the hook. Have fun with them. Play tricks on them, tease them about the girls they hook up with, prank them, or draw things on their face when they're passed out. They may hate you in the morning, but over time they’ll appreciate your actions, and you'll have a stronger friendship.

5. Host a Wet T-Shirt Competition


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Women literally go wild during spring break. They unleash a year’s worth of sexual tension and frustrations in one week. Why do they do this? It’s because the normal social rules to do not apply during spring break. It’s like they get a one-week hall pass to be promiscuous and trampy. Girls are also very competitive among themselves. They want to be the hot one, to be desired, and to receive the most attention from males. Use this knowledge to your advantage and host your own wet t-shirt competition.  Not only is the wet t-shirt competition a staple of spring break, it's actually on most girls’ to-do list.

All you need to start your own wet t-shirt competition is a space and some water. You won’t even need to offer a prize. Before you know it tons of ladies will offer up their chests for a good old fashioned soaking. Be a gentleman, use plenty of water, and enjoy the experience.

4. Go Wild


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Leave you inhibitions at home. Spring break is all about being who you want to be. It’s that rare time of the year where you don’t have classes or papers to worry about, where you can relax and get out of your comfort zone. If you work hard during the term, you deserve to party hard during your break.

Take sensible risks while on Spring Break. Do something you’ve never done before. Go talk to the hottest girl in the room, even if you think you have no chance in hell. Make the first move, even if you think you’ll get rejected. Ask her back to your place, even if you think she’ll say no. Be bold and forward. You will find that nine times out of 10 the risk you took will pay off.

3. Avoid Getting Arrested


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Getting arrested may make for a great spring break story, but in reality it will ruin your time away. You’ll end up sitting in some smelly police cell, feeling like crap, worrying about how you’ll get out, and what your parents will say. In the meantime, all your friends will be having a great time partying hard. They probably won’t even notice your absence. You'll ask yourself, “Was getting arrested worth the awesome story?” The answer is always inevitably, “No.”

You can still go crazy, but you just need to be smart about it. Most spring breakers get put in the slammer for being an intoxicated minor or for disorderly conduct. Be mindful of how you act. For instance, don’t get into a fight in front of a police officer, don’t drink from an open container, and understand that “no” means no. Always be careful of local customs wherever you are, especially if you're not partying on United States soil.

If you do get arrested, be polite, and don’t fight it. Accept your fate and hope that at least one of your buddies is not similarly handcuffed and can bail you out.

2. Get Wasted


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Spring break is that rare occasion in a person’s life where it is socially acceptable to act like a drunken, redneck animal. To properly go wild, be crazy but learn the limits your body can take. If you are not perpetually wasted and high on life during spring break, then you might as well be on a house boat with your parents in Maine.

Think of spring break as the Olympics of drinking. You’ve put in the practice over the past year and now it is time to shine. Now is the moment to show the world your best keg stand, your delicate aim during beer pong, your skill at Flippy Cup, and your prowess at beer bong.

If you're underage, schedule your vacation in Mexico or another foreign place where it is totally legal to buy alcohol at age 18. Keep in mind that moderation is a good thing. Alcohol is not soda. You can drink it, have a good time, and there is no need to abuse it. A handy tip is to drink a glass of water between each drink. This will limit the chances of a horrible hangover and will ensure you have the stamina to do it all again the following day.

1. Get Laid


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Spring break is all about hooking up. If you don’t get laid during spring break, then you’ll probably die a virgin. Seriously! Spring break is a hotbed of horny, intoxicated honeys ready to check their morals at the door, make mistakes, and explore themselves.

The truth is both sexes expect casual sex during spring break. Even if the sex is horrible and joyless, getting laid on spring break has become a rite of passage. Now this does not mean you are guaranteed to “get some.” You still need to try. So grab your wingman, hit the local party spot, and focus on the goal at hand. Then, the next morning, compare stories with your mates. Whoever has the lamest one buys lunch.

But if you are going to get down and dirty this spring break, make sure you use protection. Having unsafe sex with someone you barely know is not a smart move. You want to leave spring break with fond memories and great stories, not some disease.

What are you looking forward to doing this spring break?  Did we miss anything?  Leave your answers in the comments.