If Public Urination is Cool, Consider this Soccer Goalie Miles Davis

December 14, 2009

We've all been there before. Whether it's a family wedding, NRA meeting, or breakfast at iHop - there always seems to be a situation where indoor plumbing isn't an option when nature calls. In this instance, it happened to a German goaltender who decided that urinating behind the net in the middle of the game was his best option.

For anybody who understands German out there (I hear Spike is huge in Düsseldorf), please let me know what the announcers are saying, because they don't seem particularly surprised by this.

I think this is more sanitary than Moises Alou peeing on his own hands to "toughen up" or Seattle Seahawks center Robbie Tobeck urinating in his pants during an NFL game, but who knows? Maybe I'm weird.


Source: BNTV