I Challenge You

May 29, 2010

You think you're tough?

I doubt it.

When's the last time you tested yourself?

I mean, really tested yourself?

Do you know what your limits are?

Do you know how far you can go?

You sit there watching SPIKE tv shows thinking you could do that, right?


You think you're a man?

A real man?

I look around me and all I see are babies in men's  bodies. We're creating a generation of wimps as we sally forth into this new century.

Regardless skin color.

Regardless of nationality.

It's as if we have given up.

We are fatter and softer than any generation of men before us.

We think hard work is something to be avoided.

We think a jumpshot is a heroic action.

We think winning a game means something.

Well, brother, let me tell you...



It don't mean shit.

There's a storm coming.

A global upheaval of the social order.

And you will have to make a choice.

A tough choice.

A life-altering decision.

When it comes

Will you be ready?