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Flexing The Muscle Car

by AaronAhmadi   April 08, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 5,282
Welcome to Covina, CA, home of "El Diablo," "The Whale," or the man that just plain cleans up when it comes to auctions. But this week, Mr. El Diablo had another thing coming, because Ton and Allen went to face him mano-e-mano. Was their plan a success? Let's find out:



As Ton and Allen arrived on the scene they saw the granddaddy of all competitors, El Diablo, and with 6 units up for grabs, they knew they had to be on their toes this time. Ding, ding, ding – round 1! The first storage unit was a beauty, since the Auction Hunters saw a fridge, table saw, and vintage lunchboxes, they jumped on it. Ton and Allen moved in for the kill and faced El Diablo straight on, taking it for $650. Maybe The Whale was going easy on the boys? Yep, you better believe it, because once the second unit rolled around El Diablo was taking no prisoners, laying the smackdown on the Auction Hunters bid after bid, and unit after unit. The Whale took units 3 through 5 with ease, with what seemed like endless pockets full of cash. But alas, all crazy things must come to an end, because the boys snagged the 6th unit for $700. Way to get back on track, fellas!


Sold For: $3,750

The Auction Hunters' first unit, the "Tools Unit" definitely didn't disappoint. Inside, they found a paint sprayer, a circular saw, and toy guns. While rummaging through the toy guns though, Ton found one particularly interesting. Ah yes, that was because it wasn't a toy! A machine-made pistol in their hands, they were excited beyond belief, so they knew they had to meet with their best bud Blaze. Blaze told them it was none other than a liberator pistol, and then said the two magic words the Auction Hunters were just dying to hear: "very rare." But, Blaze threw'em a lowball offer of $2,000 and Ton rightfully smacked it away. Our heroes knew they had a gem, so they agreed on $3,750 - as long as the pistol fired. If it didn't fire, they got nada. After Ton scribbled a mean-looking enemy face on a watermelon, he took aim and fired. Success! That watermelon exploded into juicy little pieces. Looks like their friend Blaze didn't fail to disappoint, because they walked away with fistfuls of cash.


Sold For: $9,000

In their "Blue Tarp Unit," Ton immediately took note of a high-end floor jack in this unit, but Allen spotted a blue tarp and knew whatever was beneath it spelled "J-A-C-K-P-O-T." Good call, Allen. Under the magic blue carpet, err, tarp, they found a 1969 Chevelle Malibu: a classic car with a good chance of netting our heroes a heap of cash. The car just needed some love to be able to sell really well. After they gave their Chevelle a nice tune-up they took it over to Tom, a used car dealer who collected and sold vintage automobiles. This muscle car, Tom said, could be worth $16,000-18,000, but then he started going through every tiny crack, scratch, and issue with the car and said he'd take it for $5,000. Really? Allen was blown away by the baby bid, and Ton said the engine alone would be worth that much. Allen offered a test drive and a final sale price of $9,000, if the car performed - and boy did it. They floored that badboy and took it for the wildest ride ever. Nothing like a sweet test ride to get your customer to pony up some cash!

So did the Auction Hunters' worst nightmares come true when they went up against El Diablo this week? Not even close. They took two units, spending $1,350, sold their amazing finds for $14,182, and snagged $12,832 in profit.

Want to catch Ton executing a watermelon? Then mosey on down to Spike.com for this week's episode "Hidden Hot Wheels" now available for your viewing pleasure online. Always be on the lookout for the latest Auction Hunters news and updates on the official Facebook fan page, and be sure to catch all-new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c.