LeBron James Considers Joining NFL

November 18, 2009

Following yet another embarrassing defeat for the Cleveland Browns, NBA Star and hometown hero LeBron James took a break from pretending to consider re-signing with the Cavaliers to discuss the possibility of suiting up at tight end for a team that has one more NFL win this season than the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

"If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good," James said Tuesday night to a group of reporters. "No matter what team I was on." (Is that the nicest possible way he could say “Even the Browns?”)

Cleveland Head Coach Eric Mangini seemed excited about the idea of having a capable receiver join an aerial attack that has passed for three whole touchdowns in nine games this season. “I think he should come on down,” Mangini told ESPN just before doing some research on unemployment benefits.

Whether James seriously considers reliving his glory days as an All-State wide receiver in Ohio remains to be seen. But in the meantime, debating whether or not he could use his superior athleticism to dominate the NFL (or help the Browns score a point next time they play on Monday Night Football) should give everybody who makes a living yelling into an Around the Horn camera pretty happy.

Could James hack it in the NFL?

Source: Chris McGrath/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images