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by Robbie E   December 26, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 2,223

What's up, bro? It's your favorite blog… The BroBlog! And I'm back this week with a Christmas edition of the BroBlog, bro... Robbie E and Robbie T love Christmas time and let me tell you, the five things that I wanted to unwrap for Christmas this year… I got them all, my dudes. They all arrived, at first I thought it was because I left Santa protein shake and a couple energy bars. But now I think it's because Bigger Rob threatened Santa when he got to our house during the night. The Bigger Man is very convincing, my dudes, but anyway, here goes.

5 - Magnum Condoms - I can never get enough of these big boys. Now they come in different colors, which is sweet. But I am really glad I got the case I needed. That's a week's supply, bro.

4 - Pumping Iron - This documentary which features the man, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is awesome. I love it, as does Bigger Rob. Arnold is Bigger Rob's idol, so he has watched it a bunch already and even impersonates him, bro. Nothing's funnier than a bro with a Welsh accent trying to do Ah-nuld.

3 - Tanning Bed - My old tanning bed had old bulbs so instead of getting them replaced, I figured it would be better to just get a whole new bed, bro. My tanning bed is not only used for tanning but also as a couch, since it's right in my living room.

2 - Protein Pudding – Don't get me wrong, protein shakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, bars, pancakes and shots are all awesome. But protein pudding is the bomb! That stuff is so tasty and gets you so jacked! I was super happy to open that under my blinged out Christmas tree.

1 - A 200 lb dumbbell - Those things are hard to come by. Most places have 150, tops. But me and Bigger Rob are jacked and needed heavier weight, bro. Thanks Santa for helping us get bigger, bro!!

Until next week...ho, ho, ho...you ain't on the LIST bro!!!

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