MEOW...The First Ever WNBA Catfight!

July 23, 2008


The women of basketball have officially had its first brawl and it was ugly. Things turned sour in the dying seconds of the LA Sparks vs. Detroit Shocks game when Detroit’s Cheryl Ford fouled LA’s Candace Parker and a scuffle ensured. Things then settled down until the next possession where Detroit’s Plenette Pierson pushed Parker to the ground. Then the all out brawl began...

Things turned even uglier when Shocks Assistant coach Rick Mahorn started man-handling Sparks Assistant coach Laura Beeman. Mahorn, who was also involved in the infamous Pacers/Piston man brawl a few years ago, tackled Beeman to the ground in a bid to protect his players. He along with Parker (LA), Pierson (Detroit) and DeLisha Milton-Jones (LA) were ejected from the game.

The Sparks ended up winning the game 84-81.