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Mantenna - Warrant Frontman Jani Lane Passes Away

by dsussman   August 12, 2011 at 6:00PM  |  Views: 1,486
Warrant Frontman Jani Lane passes away, Goodyear is developing the world's first self-inflating tire, and fake Apple stores are popping up all across China...the Mantenna is so good it'll bring a tear to your eye!

Warrant Frontman Jani Lane Dead at 47

Jani Lane Warrant Mantenna
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Jani Lane, the former frontman for glam metal band Warrant, was found dead last evening at a Comfort Inn in Woodland Hills, CA. According to reports, officers responded to a 911 call around 5:30 pm and the singer was eventually pronounced dead by fire department officials at the scene. No cause of death has been officially announced as of yet, but TMZ has reported that alcohol and pills were indeed found at the scene. Lane was only 47. Best known for their two glam hits "Heaven" and “Cherry Pie” at the tail-end of the hair metal explosion, Warrant quickly got swallowed up in the grunge movement shortly thereafter and had trouble regaining any level of success. Lane left the band and rejoined a number of times, but his battle with substance abuse over the last number of years seems to have finally caught up with him. Such a shame. RIP Jani Lane [TMZ]

Are Self-Inflating Tires Coming Soon to a Car Near You?

Nothing irks gearheads more than proper tire maintenance. They not only do tires suffer most of the damage from basic driving, but they require a watchmaker's steady eye to maintain them. Goodyear may have the answer: a self-inflating tire. The classic tire manufacturer has scored a government grant from the US Department of Energy to develop a car tire that can inflate itself and maintain the correct amount of pressure all by itself. Goodyear hasn't set a date on when this technology could reach the showroom floor, but it announced that it has $1.5 million in grant money to research and development this automotive innovation. And if it sounds like just another technology designed to make us even lazier slobs than we already are, there is some innovative reasoning behind having a set of four self-inflating tires under your car. "Whether you drive a passenger vehicle or a commercial truck, underinflated tires result in between a 2.5 percent and 3.3 percent decrease in fuel mileage, according to government and industry research. At today’s prices, that translates to about 12 cents per gallon at the pump," according to a statement released by Goodyear "Properly inflated tires also result in lower emissions, longer tire life, enhanced safety and improved vehicle performance." [The Truth About Cars/Goodyear]

China Finds More Fake Apple Stores, More are Sure to Follow

Fake Apple Mantenna
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News

The recent discovery of two faux-Apple stores in Kunming, China seemed like the tip of a very small iceberg. The iceberg just got bigger. Chinese authorities have identified 22 additional fake Apple stores across the country indicating that there could be many more than authorities have yet to find. China's Administration for Industry and Commerce in the Yunnan have contacted the stores and ordered them to stop using Apple's logo and it is not yet known if the stores were selling fake Apple products or Apple devices bought on the black market. Concerns about the spread of these knockoff stores, which look eerily similar to fully licensed Apple Stores, has gotten so bad that the agency has even set up a complaint hotline to report and identify the pernicious posers. [Ars Technica]

Kanye West Takes a Nasty Spill During Show

During a recent live show in Norway, Kanye West got more than he bargained for right after telling the rowdy crowd that the stage was he was performing on was really slippery. "If I fall, someone will film it and it will be all over YouTube," Kanye said to fans. Then, just a few minutes later while performing his smash hit “All of the Lights,” West took a gnarly spill on his bottom. If you want to start your weekend right, this video is for you. Hit TMZ and you'll see why. [TMZ]