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Top 10 Manliest Auction Hunters Items

by AaronAhmadi   September 25, 2012 at 1:30PM  |  Views: 36,571
5. Fighting Chair

Bet you didn't even know there were professional chairs for guys who were serious about fishing big fish! When I say serious, I mean really serious. If you're planning on using this thing to wrestle with a 25 lb. Marlin in the deep blue sea, you better make sure the ladies are there to gawk at your manliness. This is the closest thing to a throne that you're going to get.

 4. Competition Chainsaws

Can you get any more manly than a chainsaw? I mean come on, have you ever actually heard a chainsaw go off? It literally roars "maaaaaaaan!" the entire time. On top of that, these particular chainsaws were meant for competition, so they get bonus points for that. Oh, and you can pretend you're a lumberjack when you're wielding one, and that is just uber awesome.

3. MMA Gear

This one just had to be on the list. An MMA fighting cage and a dummy is a winning combination and nobody can deny that. Why risk getting your butt whooped in public in a training facility? That's not a story you want to tell the females the next time you see them, is it? Just plant that MMA cage in your living room, chug an energy drink, and give that dummy a knuckle sandwich or two. Now that's a real workout.

2. Dueling Pistols

There was a time when men settled their differences in duels. Sure, duels may have been a bit barbaric and dangerous to innocent bystanders - but they were quick, efficient, and most importantly, showed the ladies who was really boss. If you love slapping people with a glove and exclaiming "I challenge you to a duel!", then at least you'll have something to back up your challenge with this time.

1. Mustang Pool Table

This is the crème de la crème: the manliest item ever, and the definite centerpiece for your carefully-decorated man cave (if you ever are able to get your hands on one). When you're able to combine two things men love, cars and games, into one awesome man-toy, you've just won over every guy in the country. Just be sure not to try to pump any gas into this badboy, keep it looking shiny, and if you have to…please use coasters when needed.