ESPN Analyst Apologizes for Liking Sex Too Much

February 9, 2010

Tiger Woods’ affair may have more staying power, but the ESPN analyst who abused his power all over one “unsuspecting” intern has found his way back on camera and into the hearts of scumbags who got caught nailing unattractive production assistants everywhere.

Steve Phillips, whose profile indicates he’s still looking for work after being kicked to the curb by ESPN, went on The Today Show to tell the world that he’s not an aging weirdo who cheated on his wife with a chubby gal looking to sleep her way to the middle. He’s simply a “sex addict.”

"I couldn’t stop myself from doing the things that I was doing, even knowing the consequences … marriage, great job, great career, and I risked all of it,” Phillips told both people who still tune in to The Today Show regularly.

It’s kind of like when I got pulled over for going 124 miles-per-hour in a school zone the other day and explained to the officer that I wasn’t breaking the law – I’m just addicted to speeding.

Brooke Hundley (his mistress) has a differing view; “Sex addicts don’t pick out a single young employee to go after who has to worry about her career if she says anything. Steve’s not a sex addict. The only thing he’s ever been addicted to is feeding his own ego,” she said in a statement.

Hundley went on to ask “When is this going to be over so I can get my life back?”

It’s hard to tell who to feel sorry for in this one--the young girl who slept with a married man for the sake of her career, or the guy who nearly ruined the New York Mets when he served as their General Manager?

Source: Stone/Getty Images