If it's too hard, it's Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

January 10, 2011

So first I want to say that this game is really successful. It is a graphical delicacy with a good gameplay. I am also an passionate PC gamer, so I bought of course the PC Verion of Battlfield 2. So I’m able to compare both games. About the graphics I think I need to lose nothing, because this game is self-explanatory. As far as the gameplay is there to report the following: Unlike the PC version has the console version a Singleplayer campaign. This is the game play really well thought out and you have the opportunity to slip during the fight in the role of several soldiers to unlock weapons, to get medals and the rank to rise. What does more soldiers mean? All soldiers! This is a good possibility to fight your opponent in the most effective way. Then comes the multiplayer. There are also two modes to choose from while you can choose only one game mode in the PC version, namely conquering the enemy’s base. The console version has also the possibility to play capture the flag. And here's the negative aspect of this game. The points system. Here, the makers of EA Games have not exactly covered itself with glory. One has to be an absolute freak to gain all points in this game on Xbox Live. The transport to the next higher grade is very good and feasible. Very negative is that you as gamers are not given the opportunity to find gamer of your nation to play with them. But that  is also a Xbox live system failure. So I can only say one thing. This game is not for beginners. For gamers who are familiar with Battlefield, I can recommend this game only. I can only advise to beginners to practice first with GRAW.