Mantenna - LeBron James's Mother Gets Arrested After Slapping Some Dude

April 7, 2011

LeBron James's mom gets arrested, Lady Gaga confronts an anti-gay protester, and Atari comes to the iPhone…the Mantenna is blazed.

Photo: M. Caulfield/Getty Images

LeBron's Mother Gets Arrested After Slapping Some Dude

According to reports, LeBron James' mother, Gloria James, was arrested in Miami Beach earlier today for allegedly assaulting a parking valet at a beachfront hotel. According to law enforcement, Gloria was nightclubbing with her friends and got into an altercation with one of the valet parking attendants when she was trying to leave the festivities. Gloria apparently assaulted the valet by slapping him across the face. Damn, gurl. The valet, Rockfeller Sorel, has already contacted a lawyer. Bron Bron better get ready to pay up. [People]

Biggie Smalls' FBI File Unsealed

14 years after his untimely demise, the rapper best known as the Notorious B.I.G. has had his FBI file unsealed. Though heavily redacted, the documents on the murder of the larger-than-life MC shed some interesting facts about the crime. Most relevant to the investigation is that the bullets used to gun down Biggie were "rare Gecko 9mm ammunition, made only in Germany and sold Stateside only in California and New Jersey." Less important, but arguably more interesting, are details about the contents of the rapper's pockets upon his demise: a Georgia driver's license, asthma inhaler, three condoms, and a gram of weed. Ballin’. [EW]

Lady Gaga Confronts Anti-Gay Protestor

Source: YouTube

In the latest episode of her online series Gagavision, Lady Gaga was forced to confront a religious protestor giving out "Get Out of Hell Free" cards. "We really believe in God at my show," Gaga told the random picketer. The protester instantly fired back saying, "Your pervert ways don't quite equate to what God is all about, darlin'." After the odd battle of religious wits, Gaga went on to vent about the situation to her little monsters saying that it’s sad that her “fans have to see that” even though it’s “just part of what” she’s “supposed to do." Either way, it seems weird that something like this hadn’t happened sooner. [YouTube]

Atari Brings 100 Retro Games to Your iPhone

Do you like old school Atari games? Of course you do. The classics that most of us grew up with are now available on the iPhone via Apple's App Store. While the app itself is free, you'll need to pony up 99 cents for each of 25 separate games packs in order to play, or you can pay $14.99 for 100 games in total. So get ready to get your Pong on! [Touch Arcade]