Mantenna – Chris Tucker Might Lose His Home

October 13, 2011
Chris Tucker might lose his home, Big Boi avoids jail time, and Florida wants to start using firing squads again…the Mantenna is bigger and deffer!

Chris Tucker Might Lose His Home

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment

After getting beat down by the IRS with some serious back taxes earlier this year, Chris Tucker now faces losing his Florida abode due to him owing a whopping $4.4 million to the bank. According to reports, Tucker apparently owes $11.5 million to the IRS after struggling to pay his taxes from 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006. The Orlando Sentinel claims that the proper papers have been filed in Circuit Court stating that the Rush Hour star still owes millions of dollars to the bank after buying his $6 million home on Lake Apopka back in 2007. Things ain't looking so hot for the ol' Chris Tucker. [Orlando Sentinel]

Florida Wants To Use Firing Squads Again Because It Isn't Weird Enough

Florida, the only state to terrify even the Internet, has a lot of weird things happen to it. This is because Floridians are kind of wacky, and their state legislators are no exception. Like Brad Drake, who wants to bring back the electric chair and firing squads. Why? Because he heard a constitutent insisting that if death row inmates were going to complain about the drug used to kill them, they should just be shot. So he filed the bill. Oh, Florida! [The Florida Current]

Big Boi Avoids Jail Time

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment

Following his arrest on drug charges back in August, OutKast MC Big Boi has reached a deal in Florida that frees him to of doing any jail time if he remains drug-free after three months of testing. Earlier today, Antwan Patton found himself in a Miami courtroom where he was lightly hit with three months of drug testing, community service and $2,000 in donations to charities. For those of you that don't know, Big Boi was taken into custody while exiting a cruise ship after a K-9 dog alerted authorities that the rapper was indeed carrying ecstasy, a cigarette roller with marijuana residue and MDMA. Good to know money can still get you out of pretty much anything. [MTV]

Science Realizes Gene Sequencing the Black Death Is a Bad Idea, Does It Anyway

It's a great scientific mystery: if the Black Death killed so many people, why didn't it stick around and wipe us out? Did the virus evolve subtly? Did humans? Was it dumb luck? So, to get an answer, the Black Death has been sequenced and will be genetically analyzed, because that isn't the start of a bad horror movie right there or anything. Scientists are hoping to discover why it went from a common horrible way to die to a relatively rare horrible way to die. This won't end badly! Not at all! Where's our safety masks? [Reuters]