Mantenna - Monday, November 10

November 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan dishes about her sexuality in a new interview, how a cheap bra saved a very lucky woman's life, and some ridiculously awesome concept art for the highly anticipated Terminator Salvation movie...all that and more after the jump in today's Mantenna!

Lindsay Lohan Not Really a Lesbian

Lindsay Lohan has come out… and told Harpers Bazaar magazine that she is not gay. The magazine asked her is she was gay and “she was adamant that she wasn't a lesbian, giving an emphatic, "No," when asked.” She was also questioned whether she thought herself bisexual, which she answered “Maybe. Yeah.” Lindsay did point out that it was obvious you she was currently romantically involved with, saying she’s dating a “wonderful woman” who she is madly in love with. Wow… what a round about way to say absolutely nothing. [WWTDD]

Bra Saves Life

A woman’s life has been saved by her $9 bra. Vicky Parson, a 26-year-old bartender was on a work break when she was attacked by a knife-wielding, masked 14-year-old boy. In a struggle, the knife pierced Vicky’s torso. The wound could have been much worse were it not for her bra. Vicky says, “Thankfully the underwire in the bra took all the shock" and the wound was only superficial. Now that’s what I call a wonder bra. [Telegraph]

It’s Boob Time

The great things about breasts is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can literally spend an entire day staring at a lady's bosoms wishing you could play with those fun bags. From the moment we’re born, breasts help give us life and until we die, breasts give us something to live for. So if you need to get your breast fix, check out Manofest’s top 10 hottest boob commercials of all time – it’s boobalicious. []

Fake Mac Ultraportable Laptop


Gizmodo has some “leaked” photographs of a MacBook Nano.  Presumably this would be Mac’s first (and overdue) foray into the ultraportable market.  One imagines Steve Jobs retiring the Mac Mini, taking it to Cupertino and having Optimus Prime impregnate it so that it could turn into something useful like the MacBook Mini.  If this were a real product, we personally guarantee that is exactly how it would be manufactured.  But it’s still fun to look at. [Gizmodo]

Terminator Concept Art Offers Salvation

New concept art images for Terminator Salvation are here, and they. Are. Beautiful. Hype for this movie is sure to get started extremely early, which will undoubtedly raise expectations for the summer Warner Bros. film much higher than is reasonable. Nonetheless, for those of you who missed the behind-the-scenes footage of Salvation that was floating around the net for about two seconds (present company included), these images are a nice treat indeed. Take note of the Terminator-pod-motorcycle thingy. Hmmm…what movie does this remind us of? []

Wayans Brothers Bust a Move in Their New Movie

The Wayans brothers have been busy putting together a new movie, titled Dance Flick. It looks like it’s going to be a spoof of recent dance movies that have been all the craze amongst the tween croud. If spoofs are your kind of thing this could be your cup of tea, otherwise all those opposed to films that derive their value making fun of original ideas in lieu of actually creating one should probably keep their distance. [Spike]

Nirvana Baby Recreates Classic Nevermind Cover


Nevermind cover baby Spencer Elden recently decided to recreate an updated version of the classic album photo that made him famous over seventeen years ago. Elden traveled back to the same pool where the iconic pic was shot and took a brand new version at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena, California. He's wearing a bathing suit this time. [MTV News]

Toyota to Offer Prius Coupe?

The rumor mill is kicking it into overdrive today with news that Toyota is developing a sporty, 2+2 Prius coupe to compete with Honda's upcoming CRZ hybrid coupe. The Prius coupe will have a lower roofline than that of the all-new 2010 Prius hatchback sedan launching this year and will share its powertrain. The 2010 Prius sedan's battery technology is carried over from the 2004-2009 model, but its 1.5-liter engine may get a small bump in displacement or power output with no penalty in fuel economy. Since the coupe would be significantly lighter than its hatchback counterpart, sharing the same powertrain would mean it might actually be somewhat sporty. One can hope! [Motor Trend]

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