Thrustmaster Adds Firepower to Wii

August 26, 2008

The Thrustmaster isn't as sexual as its sexy-sounding name sounds.  Though, it's pretty sexy. It's the new Wii controller designed for particularly gruesome Wii FPS (contradiction in terms?).  It's got holders for both controllers affecting a double triggered system which means...dual wielding you!  Check out all the juicy details after the jump.

  • Wireless pistol, with double trigger and double position, for shooting games and FPS on Nintendo® Wii™
  • 1 trigger for shooting + 1 trigger for reloading or second weapon
  • Exclusive system: Removable Nunchuk™ compartment on the side
  • 2 game positions possible:
    • Type "Arcade Gun" (only with the Wiimote™)
    • Type "Machine Gun" (with Nunchuk™on the side)
  • Extremely stable shooting position with maximum comfort and optimum precision
  • Internal compartment for cable storage
  • Plug & Shoot: Simply insert your Wiimote™* and your Nunchuk™* to play
  • No battery necessary

Check it out on the Thrustmaster site.