First Photos of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

July 16, 2009

A couple of photos of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 have finally emerged, and she's looking pretty damn fine. Black leather never looked so good on a lass.


Entertainment Weekly has Johansson on its cover, as well as in another photo in a sexy pose. Mickey Rourke and Robert Downey, Jr. share the cover with her, and in the article about Iron Man 2, Rourke talks a bit about making the movie:

On one side is Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), a fast-talking weapons manufacturer who fancies himself the next Tony Stark; on the other, Vanko, who, while incarcerated in a Russian prison, creates his own battle-suit, which shoots devastating, whip-like beams. Hammer and Whiplash join forces to take down Downey’s character, Tony Stark. Rourke, for his part, wanted to instill some lightness into the role of the heavy. "I told Favreau, 'I don't want to just play him as a one-dimensional p----,'" he says. "He let me have a cockatoo, who I talk to and get drunk with while I’m making my suit."


And it looks like Tony Stark is going to be getting plenty of female attention according to Gwyneth Paltrow, who plays Stark's former assistant Pepper Potts:

"The men want it to be, like, 'Ooh, the girls are fighting over Tony,' but it's not as standard as that," says Paltrow. "There's a weird male catfight fantasy." Downey agrees. He believes what differentiates the franchise from other superhero series can be summarized as follows: "We're horny. Not, like, can't-bring-your-kids horny, but just…horny."

Horny heroines and angry, whip-laser-shooting Russians? This sounds pretty awesome to me.

Thanks to for the photos.