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Sal the Barber's Crew

by MariShapiro   June 09, 2010 at 4:13PM  |  Views: 1,132

Meet Sal and his partner Greg.





Sal the Barber

He’s the hardest worker in the scrap game, with a heart – and an attitude - as big as Brooklyn.  Sal’s tough and feisty, the guy who tries to power his way through every problem with brute force.  That makes him a great scrapper – but it also gets him in trouble sometimes. But Sal would also give you the shirt off his back – and that says a lot, considering his background.  He’s had some troubles in his life and even done some time – but he straightened himself out by dedicating himself to his scrap/garbage removal business – and to his training for his first Mixed Martial Arts fight.  He’s our “Rocky” – the little guy who saves himself by sheer heart and dedication. 













Sal’s right-hand man, worker, and also his MMA training partner.  The two of them have a friendship that extends from the job site to the gym – Sal keeps Greg laughing all day long, but Greg is also usually the first one to feel the heat when Sal’s fuse is lit.  Greg is young and strong, but relatively inexperienced – he looks up to Sal for advice and guidance. Sal’s biggest aim is to build up his business so that Greg could run a truck and crew of his own, freeing up Sal to do other jobs and pursue new business. 


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