Sigourney Weaver Gives Away Spoilers to Ghostbusters 3

December 11, 2009

Sigourney Weaver sat down to an interview recently and, whether she was trying to or not, gave away some potentially huge spoilers to the most anticipated sequel of the '80s, Ghostbusters 3. It's hard to tell whether or not she was being tongue-in-cheek about one of these, but you can judge for yourself.

Weaver spoke to Channel 4 in the UK -- most likely about Avatar -- and gave away what could be really big spoilers for the next Ghostbusters movie, assuming it ever does happen. So keep reading at your own peril.

In the interview Weaver said that her son from Ghostbusters 2, Oscar, has himself become a Ghostbuster -- the lead Ghostbuster, in fact. She then goes on to talk a little about Bill Murray, and here is where it's difficult to tell whether or not she's telling the truth. Discussing his character Peter Venkman she says, "He might be a ghost."

And I'll just beat everyone to the punch here by decrying how absolutely ridiculous this idea is, and how it completely validates every Ghostbusters fan's fears that letting a couple of outsiders write the script to the third film could be a catastrophically bad idea. A ghost? Isn't that why they invented Slimer? How exactly are we supposed to enjoy Venkman's dry wit while he's terrifying and sliming everyone? And why would they turn a franchise that very expertly walked the line between comedy and light horror/monster movie into a farce?

So what are your thoughts? Is this sequel headed for disaster before it's even gone into production, or does it have a chance? Check out the actual video of Weaver's interview below.

Source: Mathew Imaging/Getty Images