Make your deadliest Warrior game

December 29, 2010

Due to this taking up the Kelly vs Roker thread, I made it here.

The goal is to make the best army over everyone else, to stand the test of time, render their new tech useless with your intuition.

Rules: No cheating

Take Turns

You have to explain how a particular upgrade is made/how it works to get it


This is the starting post, for you guys to counter. Be detailed, put out your creativity:

"The Tribe of Russia started off nomadic, but eventually found a winter ground to call their home. Roaming with animals. As of now, they don't have too much knowledge of weaponry. Their favorite thing to do is to either tackle animals, assuming they catch them, or throw stones that they find on the ground. They have yet to discover mechanisms. They prefer to ambush and take their enemies from a range. They are also used to the cold, this is their advantage."


Post to counter that. And we will eventually make our own Deadliest Warriors.