Mashable Maps Out the Places You Need To Be at This Year's CES

January 6, 2012

An event as massive as the annual Consumer Electronics Show is bound to make more than a few people feel lost in a sea of fellow circuit heads. Mashable has your back.

The social media blog compiled a map of the Las Vegas Convention Center with an interactive layout of the places you need to be during the annual technology showcase.

It's also more than just a map of the exhibition halls, business stops and bathrooms. It's an interactive map with bullet points of each room and the exhibition they will house during next week's conference from the location of the biggest keynote addresses to the exhibition halls for the new television, automotive and cell phone tech.

With all the new electronics and gadgets CES 2012 in Las Vegas is going to be absolutely phenomenal. Best part? As the official broadcaster of the entire event, SPIKE is going to give viewers at home an All Access pass to see what goes behind the closed doors of CES 2012: exclusives, celebrities, special guests, and surprises that you won't find anywhere else - and it all starts on January 10.

Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News