Anyone Else Have Crazy Days Like This?

July 2, 2009

Sometimes I want to pull my hair out.  Really, I do.  On days like today.

Consider the fact that for whatever reason, both my kids feel that 6:30 is the absolute latest that we can all be allowed to sleep.  Are we in the Army or something?

Nothing I’ve tried to to has changed this either.  From the time the babies were in diapers I’ve known nothing else.  At least they sleep through the night without waking though, so I’m not going to complain too much.  Still, I’m praying that this will change soon.

So plunging into my day in a coffee-charged half-daze is always fun.  Had to drop off some videos at the library though this morning before 8 in order to dodge a late fee ($1 p/video x 5 videos = Not Cool) and even with the air-conditioning on, the sun was beating into the car.

Do you realize what happens when kids get overheated shortly after eating?  They turn into little food volcanoes!  So we get to the library and no sooner had I strapped Jenny into her umbrella stroller then she decides to christen both it and herself with yummy-mushy Life cereal.

Fun, Fun, Fun.

So I do a half-baked job of cleaning up the mess and barely get the videos into the box before the warden comes out to collect.  That was close.

Instead of giving the kids a bath, I decided instead to turn on the sprinkler for them.  Water-conservationists be damned.  I let the sweet little ankle-biters play in the water while I tried in vane to get the puke stains out of the umbrella stroller.  This didn't go so well and it looks like it'll leave a stain.  Good thing these things are cheap because I've had to buy more than one.

Anyway, once that was done I only got to enjoy about 15 minutes in a lawn chair before the two of them ran into each other face first.  With two bloody mouths that needed ice-packs sprinkler fun time was OVER.

Welcome to another day in the life.