Sleeping with your Teammate's Wife is a Surprisingly Bad Idea

December 18, 2009

The Philadelphia Flyers may not lead the NHL in wins, goals, hits, or anything else hockey-related, but they do currently sit atop the league standings in the highly coveted "intra-locker room sex scandal category" – jumping the Edmonton Oilers after the reported Mike Comrie/Tiger Woods romance was proven to be a rumor made up by a jealous Ales Hemsky.

Just days after the Flyers fell to the bottom of a division that includes the New York Islanders, a story broke about an alleged affair between Flyers star Jeff Carter and the wife of a less talented teammate (Scott Hartnell).

Apparently, once Hartnell found out that he was being cuckolded by his starting center, the team began a losing streak that now has them safely out of the playoff race – which means they’ll have plenty of time to sort this out while other teams who sleep with random women and Jessica Simpson are fighting for the Stanley Cup.

Quite frankly, this is shocking! The minute the Flyers brought in Chris Pronger (whose wife allegedly made him demand a trade after he knocked up a local television reporter), I immediately thought “this is totally the Flyers year.”

(In the spirit of fair and balanced coverage, everyone involved is denying the report despite various inside sources claiming otherwise.)

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