The 10 Most Epic Partiers In Film History

March 1, 2013

Having seen the film "21 and Over," we can tell you with confidence that Jeff Chang (played by Justin Chon) will go down as one of the most epic partiers in film history. I mean, have you ever woken up with a stuffed bear glued to your crotch? Because Jeff Chang has, and that's pretty awesome.

Eventually he'll join an elite list that includes the following ten men that put good times and great memories above all else in life.

Charles "Bluto" Blutarsky

Played by Jon Belushi in the film "Animal House"

The original party animal. Whether lifting the spirits of his comrades with a rousing (if historically inaccurate) speech or suggesting a toga party in the midst of a crisis, Bluto remains a shining example for partiers. He's also something of a Saint for smashing that one guy's acoustic guitar at a party, though sadly it does not seem to have deterred people from still doing that.

Frank the Tank

Played by Will Ferrell in "Old School"

Some people are like birds: if you try to clip their wings, you take away the thing that makes them what they are. Frank the Tank is that metaphorical bird: beautiful, majestic, and a friend to the elderly.

Ben Sanderson

Played by Nicolas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas"

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…including Ben Sanderson! See, he doesn't actually leave. Because he's dead. Oh, spoiler alert. Sorry!

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

Jeff Spicoli

Played by Sean Penn in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

Believe it or not, Sean Penn used to be a lot of fun! Spicoli's character is one of the most often imitated archetypes out there of the party dude, inspiring characters including but certainly not limited to Michaelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine." A true poet for his generation.

James "Droz" Andrews

Played by Jeremy Piven in "PCU"

What can you say? The guy has every term paper you could possibly need on file, so there's no need to ever skip a party. Plus he gets George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic booked at his shindigs. So what if he's clearly way too old to be attending college parties let alone chasing after undergrads? Oh, wait. That is kind of weird and creepy. Nevermind. Droz, you are the weird old dude at parties and you're creeping us out.


Played by Christopher "Kid" Reid in the Kid & Play vehicle "House Party"

Nothing will get in the way of Kid or his epic flat-top! Bullies, police, and even family members try to keep Kid from rocking the house, but their efforts are for naught. Eventually he makes it to Play's house in time to engage in dance-offs and rap battles. You know, the usual party fare.

Alan Garner

played by Zach Galifianakis in "The Hangover"

Some people call him socially inept and a loser. But would a socially inept loser party so hard he ends up with a baby? I don't think so. That's what we call doing it right.

William "Whip" Whitaker

Played by Denzel Washington in "Flight"

The ultimate party bro. How hardcore is this guy? Well, he has an important meeting that could decide his entire future, and gets totally blasted. He can barely even sit up! So him and his buddy, played by John Goodman, do a bunch of coke and stuff and RALLY to get him back up and running. Because that's how ya do!


Played by Malcolm McDowell in "Caligula"

Perhaps the most legendary partier of all time, portrayed in a 1979 biopic by Malcolm MacDowell. The film is basically an extended party sequence, running at 170 minutes. Roger Ebert notes that it's one of only a handful of films he's ever walked out on. After nearly three hours of debauchery, it ends with Caligula being stabbed during a violent coup and, with his last words, defiantly whispering "sorry for party rocking!"


Played by Warwick Davis in "Return of the Jedi"

The most memorable and recognizable Ewok from the third installment of the "Star Wars" trilogy plays an integral part in helping defeat the Empire on the moon of Endor. Then, because kicking some serious ass wasn't enough, him and his Ewok fraternity brothers throw a party so epic that even ghosts turn up for it. It's almost a little too hardcore: at one point the Ewoks appear to play percussion using the severed heads of storm troopers. Most people insist those are just the helmets, but some of us know better, and it gave us nightmares as children.

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