Which Marginally Talented NBA Player is Tapping Maria Sharapova Till Death Do Them Part?

October 22, 2010

The world’s most attractive tennis player has reportedly agreed to walk down the aisle with a backup NBA shooting guard who averages 2.8 points per game. Apparently the top rebounder at the Los Angeles YMCA co-ed rec league was already married to one of the girls from Glee, so Maria Sharapova had to settle.

Sasha Vujacic – fresh off the single worst season in his forgettable career – was rewarded for his mediocrity by bedding an insanely attractive woman who has been romantically linked to the lead singer of Maroon 5.

"We are engaged and are both really happy," Vujacic said Thursday night before the Lakers’ exhibition game against Golden State. "It’s good and now we can focus on other things."

Good call. 0.5 assists per game don’t just happen. It takes a lot of work to set up a scoring play every second game.

Come on, Maria! I’m pretty sure Sergei Federov and that pop star who dates Russian models are both single.

Photo: William West/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images