UFC 114 Live Blog

May 29, 2010

We're here at the MGM Grand as fans trickle in to take their seats and the mood is feeling right for some straight up toe-to-toe action. Stay with Spike.com to get the blow-by-blow details of every fight from the first prelim to when the long awaited battle between Rampage and Rashad finally goes down. Be sure to catch the prelims on Spike LIVE at 9P/8C.

There's only about 45 minutes until the first fight kicks off and Bruce Buffer just strolled in looking sharp as usual. Now, only time will tell if he'll pull out the Buffer 360 for this one. We can only hope.

Ryan Jensen and TUF 3’s Jesse Forbes are kicking off the card tonight.

Round 1

They start off with a few back and forths and Jensen lands a right. Forbes returns with a high kick and lands it. Then Forbes catches Jensen with a right hook sending him to the mat. Now Forbes has got him on the ground attempting a rear naked but Jensen reverses. Jensen sweeps and slips in a guillotine and finishes the fight in one minute and six seconds.


Aaron Riley vs. Joe Brammer

Aaron Riley and Joe “The South Side Strangler” Brammer are up next for their Lightweight bout. Brammer’s ended six of his seven fights before the final bell. We’ll have to see if he can pull out his seventh against Riley.

Round 1

Brammer comes out swinging, but they end up in a clinch. Both are landing some knees to the inside and Riley attempts a haymaker. Brammer lands a kick to Riley’s side and Riley answers with a kick to his head. They clinch up again and Riley throws in some foot stomps. They’re keeping busy with knees and punches while clinched up and after Brammer lands a knee to the inside, they break apart. They’re spending some time on their feet with a pretty even exchange of kick and punches. Brammer gets caught with a kick to the junk and gets some time to rest.

Riley is pushing the pace. He lands two kicks to the body and Brammer answers with a right jab.

Round 2

They’re back and on their feet. Brammer is connecting a lot of punches. Riley is persistent with his kicks and chops away at Brammer’s right leg. Brammer reacts by attempting a single, but is unsuccessful. Riley catches a knee to the face from Brammer just before they clinch up again. Riley gets a takedown and ends up on top of Brammer where he gives him some elbows to the side. He’s working on Brammer’s side with constant punches to the ribs. Brammer’s working on an arm bar, but they end up back on their feet. Neither are shy going toe-to-toe and when Riley throws a high kick, Brammer catches the leg and they tangle up but remain on their feet. The second round comes to a close.

Round 3

Riley throws another one of his kicks knocking Brammer to the ground, but he doesn’t capitalize on it and Brammer is back to his feet. Brammer catches another kick to the face, but is successful in a single and works a little on top of Riley, but not for long and they’re back on their feet again. Riley connects with an elbow to Brammer’s face. Riley punishes Brammer’s legs with punches to the thigh and gets a takedown. He works into a side mount, but Brammer squirms his way out and they’re back to their feet, again. Riley continues with the knees to Brammer’s legs and it seems he had enough and they break apart. Now Brammer comes out with a kick to Riley’s side. Riley catches a nice left hook, but Brammer eats it. Riley sweeps Brammer’s leg out from under him and gets himself another takedown. He’s giving some short elbows and they’re back to their feet.  There’s thirty seconds left and they let it all hang out for the last few seconds of the final round.

All three judges score it 30-27 and Aaron Riley takes the win by unanimous decision.


Cyrille Diabate vs. Luiz Cane

Round 1

The bell rings and they don't waste any time, going right at each other. Diabate lands a nice right jab and kick combo. Cane catches him with a hard left sending him straight to the mat and gets on top of him to capitalize. But Diabate isn’t down for long and manages to survive a potential knock out. He reverses and gets back to his feet. They end up in a clinch against the cage. They break apart and are toe-to-toe again. Diabate keeps firing on Cane connecting with hit after hit, knocking Cane to the ground. After he lands another combo, Referee Herb Dean calls a stop at 2 minutes and 17 seconds in the first round, marking Diabate’s debut fight in the UFC as a win by TKO.


Melvin Guillard vs. Waylon Lowe

Waylon Lowe is looking to make a name for himself with a win over TUF 2’s Melvin Guillard, but Guillard won’t be a very easy opponent. Guillard strolls out with a Darth Vader mask on, not sure why, but we won’t let the getup fool us.

Round 1

Guillard comes out pushing the pace, but they spend the first 30 seconds feeling each other out. Lowe goes in for a hard right and lands on the mat, but gets right back to his feet. Lowe attempts a single and after a small struggle gets Guillard to the ground, but not for long. Guillard lands a knee to the face and then another one. Lowe is still struggling with Guillard against the cage and Guillard lands yet another knee to his face. Now he’s punishing him with hammer fists to the face while Lowe continues to hang on to his right leg. Finally Lowe smartens up and lets the leg go and they’re back to a toe-to-toe stance. Guillard is swinging hard and lands an inside kick. Lowe attempts another take down and gets caught with a solid knee to the chest. The knee sends Lowe straight to his knees, where he stays hunched over. Guillard gets in a few more punches before the ref stops the fight. In three minutes and 28 seconds of the first round, Guillard gets his win by TKO.

Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon

Efrain Escudero and Dan Lauzon may be really good friends, but they’ve already made it perfectly clear that a  friendship won’t be getting in the way of a win.

Round 1

The guys come out swinging and Lauzon lands a nice inside leg kick followed by a high kick. Escudero starts to feel Lauzon out and lands a kick and a few flurries. Lauzon goes in for a takedown and Escudero responds with a knee to the face. Then Escudero is coming in for a takedown, but is unsuccessful and instead gives him three knees and a hard right. Lauzon stays on his feet though and Escudero keeps him pushed against the cage. They break apart and exchange some quick punches, but neither lands anything substantial. Boos flow in when the action slows and Escudero responds with a nice combo. Escudero starts to pick up the pace, but still not much action. The round closes with plenty of boos from an unenthused crowd.

Round 2

Escudero is persistent with his inside leg kicks and Lauzon has yet to start checking them. Escudero comes out landing hit after hit and knees. Lauzon is covering, but Escudero keeps on him. They break apart and come back to the center of the Octagon. Lauzon goes in for a single, but only stuffs Escudero up against the cage. Escudero looks like he’s working a standing guillotine, but Lauzon slips his head out. They break apart and are back to feeling each other out. They exchange a few kicks and Escudero gives Lauzon a few left jabs, nothing serious though. Escudero is circling Lauzon’s back to the cage and follows with a knee. Escudero gets in two nice rights and a right leg kick. Escudero gets him with a left, knocking him to the ground. Lauzon is allowed up after a bit of debating. Escudero attempts a single, but is unsuccessful right before the round comes to a close.

Round 3

Escudero starts the round off with another leg kick. Why not? Lauzon delivers a knee to the inside of Escudero’s leg and hits him in the sweet spot, the groin. Lauzon gives Escudero a taste of his own medicine with a high kick to the head. They get into a heavy exchange, each landing a few hits. Escudero catches a combo and capitalizes with another hard right. They end up clinched up against the fence, but boos from the crowd get them to break apart. Escudero gives a couple of knees followed by a combo. He is definitely the one pushing the pace here.  There’s under a minute left and Escudero is asking for more. They exchange toe-to-toe, but nothing serious is landing. Escudero lands a perfect hit right to Lauzon’s groin, the second one of the night. Needless to say, Escudero gets a talking to from the ref, who’s claiming there were two kicks in a row, and loses a point. They come back swinging harder than ever, total slugfest. Guess that second hit to the groin was all they needed to get fired up. Round ends.

The fight goes to decision and a 29-27, unanimous decision gets Efrain Escudero a win.

Amir Sadollah vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1

They touch gloves and Kim breaks the ice with a leg kick. Kim grabs a leg and takes Sadollah down. Kim struggles for a side mount, but Sadollah is holding onto one of his legs. Kim manages to sneak in a few elbows, but isn’t doing much damage on top. Sadollah is doing a very good job of controlling from the bottom, though he’s not doing any damage himself. Kim gets in a left elbow and a couple rights to follow. Kim tries for the side mount but Sadollah rolls with him and Kim is back to half guard. Sadollah keeps trying for a triangle, but Kim is successful in avoiding. Kim gets Sadollah’s back and it looks like he tries to sink in a rear naked, but Sadollah is trying to shake him off. The round comes to a close with Kim hanging off his back.

Round 2

They’re both looking a little winded coming into the second. Sadollah lands a nice high kick and Kim goes for another takedown and he gets what he’s looking for. Kim gets side control. Sadollah slips out the back and Kim goes for another single, but doesn’t get this one. They end up clinched up against the fence. Kim lands a knee and almost gets Sadollah to the ground again. But it’s only seconds before he gets another one and is on top of Sadollah. Not much action is going down and the crowd lets them know. Kim secures Sadollah’s arm around his own neck and is able to get in a little bit of ground and pound. He gets the full mount with 10 seconds left, but there’s not enough time to capitalize – there’s the bell.

Round 3

Sadollah comes out pretty active, but doesn’t land anything special. And Kim gets another takedown. He’s in his guard and brings him to the fence. They’re at a stalemate as Kim tries to work him and Sadollah is successful in controlling him.  Kim continues to struggle to gain a better position or get some hits in, but he doesn’t find any success. Sadollah moves around and Kim gets his back, but they’re back to their feet -  toe-to-toe. Sadollah avoids another takedown, but an attempt at a flying knee lands him back on his back. They’re not there for long and they’re back to their feet. Sadollah lands a few now that he has him standing and throws in a knee, followed by a stiff left jab. Over.

Kim takes a unanimous decision, 30-27.

Diego Sanchez vs. John Hathaway

The winner of TUF 1, Diego Sanchez is ready to make his comeback after a stint in the Lightweight division and he thinks John Hathaway is the perfect guy for his first fight back. We will see…

Round  1

Sanchez gets in a combo and goes for a takedown, but they end up against the fence. Hathaway showed up with some good takedown defense, and gives some punishment to Sanchez for trying. They break apart and end up back to the center of the Octagon. Hathaway lands a right jab. Hathaway catches Sanchez with a knee that sends his head flying back, sending him to the mat. Hathaway doesn’t waste any time and is right on top of him ground and pounding. Sanchez looks like he’s in trouble, but he survives. Now Hathaway is in Sanchez’ guard, but Sanchez is controlling him somewhat. Hathaway lands a left elbow, followed by two straight lefts. Hathaway gets in a hammer fist. Sanchez is taking some punishment, but gives Hathaway a nice kick to the face from the bottom. Bell.

Round 2

Sanchez is going to want to do something to make up for the first round. He gets in a few nice rights, but Hathaway responds with a stiff left jab and after that, a high kick. Hathaway gets in a knee and right jab. Sanchez goes for the takedown and gets it – the crowd loves it. He’s struggling to keep Hathaway down as he keeps him stuffed against the fence. Hathaway gets back to his feet and they break apart. Hathaway gives Sanchez a hard right and he eats it. Hathaway lands a hard right, shutting Sanchez up for a few seconds. But not for long, they’re back to exchanging. Sanchez gets in a right hook just in time.

Round 3

They’re back for more, toe-to-toe. Both land a hit in an exchange and Sanchez comes back swinging getting in a combo. Sanchez goes for a takedown and when he doesn’t get it, Hathaway answers with a knee. Sanchez lands a nice combo when Hathaway gets too close. Sanchez goes for another takedown but Hathaway’s takedown defense is just too strong and they’re on their feet back to the center. They both go in for a right and Hathaway succeeds with his. Hathaway dishes out a high kick and Sanchez takes that as an invitation, he starts swinging, hard. The guys clinch up and Hathaway gets a takedown and they’re back to their feet in seconds. Sanchez is landing combos, but Hathaway is answering back. They end the round swinging for the fences.

A unanimous decision gets Hathaway a sweet victory against a threatening opponent.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Jason Brilz

Round 1

Brilz is first to go with an inside leg kick, but Nogueira answers back with a kick of his own. There’s not much going on, they seem to be feeling each other out. Nogueira gets in a knee and when he goes in for a leg kick, Brilz gets himself a takedown. Brilz is working in Nogueira’s guard, but Nogueira is trying to get a hold of his arm. Nogueira manages to control Brilz and rolls him off, but gives up his back. Brilz gives him a few rights before he’s back on top. Brilz gets into a side mount and throws in some hammer fists. Nogueira slips out the back and takes Brilz’ back with him. Now Brilz slips out and they’re back to they’re back to their feet. Nogueira is getting in a few shots and Brilz is obviously seeking a takedown, but too shy to go for it. Bell.

Round 2

Brilz starts off with a leg kick and manages to get in a single, but lands himself right into a guillotine. And Nogueira looks like he has it, but Brilz slips his head out. They scramble on the ground and now Brilz gets Nogueira into a guillotine! Nogueira rolls out of it, but gets himself into another guillotine and this time Brilz has it locked. Nogueira won’t tap and finally Brilz releases the choke, but still has top control. Brilz gets Nogueira in another choke, this time a triangle, but Nogueira reverses and gets Brilz’ back. They slip out of it and are back to their feet. Brilz goes for a single but settles for a knee instead. Brilz lands a hard right and Nogueira eats it. Brilz tries desperately for another takedown, but is unsuccessful. Nogueira gives a knee to the body. They exchange and Nogueira seems to be dazed by a right Brilz lands. Bell.

Round 3

The crowd shows excitement to see what they’ll do with their last five minutes. Brilz goes for a single and he gets it. Nogueira manages top control and doesn’t waste any time to start ground and pounding. Brilz isn’t making it easy for him and gets to his feet. Brilz gets some punishment while hanging onto Nogueira’s leg after an unsuccessful takedown. Nogueira seems to have caught on to Brilz’ game plan and stuffs another attempt at a takedown. Nogueira works on a choke, but they end up back to their feet. 90 seconds left and they haven’t slowed their pace. Nor has Brilz; given up on his takedowns and he gets another single. Nogueira reverses and goes for a reverse crucifix. Brilz escapes and gets on top. He struggles for side control but gets flipped to his back and Nogueira gains side control. He gives him some short elbows. Round ends.

The judges scored this 29-28 Brilz, 29-28 Nogueira, and 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. The crowd is not happy about this one – their chant of “bulls**t” is hard to ignore.


Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow

Round 1

Both guys come out aggressive, but Duffee is the first to land a right. Duffee gets in a nice uppercut and sinks in another combo forcing Russow to take a knee. Russow makes it back to his feet, but Duffee doesn’t go any easier on him and keeps landing hard shots. Russow goes in for a single, but he doesn’t get it. Duffee swings and lands over and over, getting in an uppercut and a combo, at the least. Russow is able to eat them, but who knows for how long. Duffee tests his jaw again with a combo. Duffee lands an uppercut that makes the crowd shudder.  Lucky for Russow – bell.

Round 2

Russow took a lot of abuse in the last round so he’s going to have to try something different if he wants to survive. The guys circle around for a good minute before Duffee lands another one of his uppercuts. Duffee gets in a right jab and Russow just eats it like he’s been doing the whole time. Aside from a few landed rights from Duffee the action has slowed quite a bit. Finally the crowd kicks in for a little encouragement, boos. But there’s the bell.

Round 3

Duffee came out aggressive, but not as much as the past rounds. Russow is managing to get in a few hits. Russow stuns Duffee with a right and catches him with another before it’s lights out for Duffee.

Lucky shot? Maybe. Either way, two minutes and thirty five seconds in the third round, Russow scoops up a KNOCK OUT!

Joe Rogan calls this one, “the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in ten years.” Definitely crazy.

Michael Bisping vs. Dan Miller

As the referee gives the guys the rules, Bisping and Miller meet foreheads and Miller shoves Bisping. The crowd starts to chant “USA, USA.” And they’re off.

Round 1

Miller starts off connecting with a right, throws a kick and Bisping gets it between the legs, it seems. There’s a lot of back and forth, more so from Bisping. Bisping shoots and scores with a left jab, but Miller comes back with one as well. Bisping hits him again with a right. Bisping is working his jab. Miller gets in a right, but Bisping responds with one as well. Neither fighter is going unanswered at this point. Bisping catches Miller with a right, Miller comes back with a combo. Miller gets a straight left jab, throwing Bisping’s head back. He eats it. Ten seconds left and Bisping starts shooting, nothing too serious going down.

Round 2

Bisping continues to push the pace, but Miller isn’t shutting up. Miller throws an inside leg kick, a right jab, and another kick. Then he gets him again with an inside leg kick – smack. Miller is working his leg kicks, but Bisping is catching on and catches his leg with the next kick Miller throws. Miller throws another kick and Bisping catches him perfectly with a combo. Bisping goes for a high kick and connects. Miller comes back with a right jab. Bisping connects with a hard right throwing Miller’s head back, but he stays on his feet. Miller lets his hands fall and Bisping takes advantage sinking in another combo. Somehow, Miller doesn’t look phased. Bisping is starting to chip away at Miller. Miller throws another kick, but gets only a jab to the face for it. Ten seconds and they exchange, Miller gets in a nice right jab, just in time.

Round 3

Miller looks like he knows he’s got to step it up if they’re going to stay standing. He catches Bisping with a combo, but Bisping comes back swinging and lands one of his own. Bisping throws a high kick and connects. Bisping goes in for a right and Miller gets the takedown. Miller pushes Bisping to the fence, but Bisping gets to his feet. Miller throws another kick and Bisping catches it, delivering a right jab in return. Miller goes for another takedown, but Bisping stuffs him, while he takes a peek at the clock. Miller gets in a hit after hit and Bisping follows up with the same treatment. Bell. The guys hug it out, who would’ve thought.

Judges score this one 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28, for the winner by unanimous decision, Michael Bisping.

Rampage Jackson vs. Rashad Evans

FINALLY, the fans get to see the fight they’ve been waiting for. No more smack talk, it’s all getting laid out in the Octagon tonight. The crowd is fired up for this one and have clearly showed who they’re favoring tonight. Every shot of Rampage on the big screen is met with waves of excitement from the crowd, but Rashad’s, getting straight boos. Rashad walks out to Mobb Deep’s “Shook One.” Could he be trying to send a message? Maybe, but Rampage doesn’t look to shook as he comes out with his signature chain, stone cold glare, and of course, the howl. Tonight, it’s no longer who gets the last word.

The faceoff goes as expected, about an inch between their faces and no touching of the gloves.

Round 1

Rashad catches Rampage with a slick right and Rampage stutters. Rashad jumps on it, but doesn’t get anywhere, just clinched up against the cage. Rampage chants pour out from the crowd as they remain locked up against the cage. Rashad attempts a takedown, but doesn’t get very far with it. Herb Dean comes in to separate them and the crowd likes it. Rampage goes for a strike and Rashad gets the takedown he was looking for earlier. Rashad lands right into a side mount, but Rampage snatches up a leg to gain some control. Rampage gets to his feet but not without some punishment when Rashad gives him a right hook. They’re stuffed up against the cage and Rashad delivers a knee. Herb Dean breaks them apart again bringing them back to the center of the Octagon. Ten seconds left and Rashad goes for another take down, but is met by Rampage’s fist, which lands a combo. The crowd goes nuts.

Round 2

“Rampage” chants boom from the arena. Rashad storms in and they’re back against the cage. They exchange knees to the legs, but it’s not enough for the crowd. Boos. Rashad backs off and Rampage catches him with a right. They get stuffed up against the cage again, but Herb Dean does his job and separates them. Rashad shoots and lands a strike, but Rampage returns with a knee. They’re back against the cage. Rashad scrambles for a takedown that Rampage manages to avoid it.  Bell.

Round 3

Last round. Rampage circles Rashad into a corner, but Rashad swings his way out, without landing much. Rashad goes for a takedown and is showered with strikes from Rampage. Rashad is on his back taking large servings of punishment from Rampage, but the ref isn’t calling anything. Rashad manages back to his feet, but Rampage has a hold on one of his legs. They break apart, now toe-to-toe. Rashad sneaks in a combo. Two minutes left. Rampage throws a right, connects, but Rashad gets a takedown and lands in Rampage’s guard. He ground and pounds Rampage, while Rampage struggles to escape. Rashad is controlling this position though. Rampage is turning his back to Rashad and Rashad is throwing right after right. Rampage is up and Rashad takes him right back down, again! More ground and pound. Right after right hook, Rashad isn’t giving Rampage any chance to recover. Rampage is back to his feet and swings, but misses. Bell.

The judges score this 30-27, 29-28, and 30-27, for the winner by unanimous decision, SUGAR Rashad Evaaans!