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Monster Blog: Bad Medicine

by Monster_Abyss   May 28, 2009 at 11:04AM  |  Views: 125

Hey everyone, this is the Monster Abyss, and I feel refreshed and excited for this Thursday's iMPACT because I finally stood up to Dr. Stevie at the Sacrifice pay-per-view this past Sunday.  I am proud of myself for standing up to Dr. Stevie. He left me no choice, you see. I was getting pretty upset over the way he was treating me, but when he puts his hands on my favorite girl Lauren, he made a huge mistake.  When he shoved my girlfriend down, he made it personal and I just snapped. I couldn't stand by and watch him treat her like that.  My tacks were laying there and Dr. Stevie wanted me, of all people, to do his dirty work and slam Taylor Wilde into the tacks.  I just couldn't do it.  Taylor is so tiny and cute. She's not Lauren, but she's very nice and I just couldn't bring myself to hurt her.  I decided right then, that it was time to stand up for myself and Lauren. I choke slammed the good doctor into the thumb tacks.  It was exhilarating!  I saw the hundreds of tacks that were stuck in his back.  The crimson blood flowing from his back gave me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.  Not to mention that the fans in the iMPACT Zone loved it. They all celebrated with me and Lauren.  I know Dr. Stevie is going to want to speak with me on iMPACT this Thursday.  He's been calling me and trying to set an appointment.  I already know that he is extremely upset.  I will have to face him at some point or another. It might as well be this Thursday.
Hey what about North Korea and Iran actually successfully completing nuclear bomb testing?? This is scary stuff, even for a monster like me. What is the world going to do to put a stop to this??  I think it's going to be an interesting test for our new president.  I hope he is up for the task. I'm sure he is.  By the way, I just think President Obama's new dog is quite cute and cuddly.  I saw his dog on the news the other day.  Hey I just had a thought...why do they spend valuable news time talking about his doggy when there are serious issues to talk about???  Nuclear blasts vs. the president's dog.........I'm glad the news channels have their priorities straight.
What's the deal with this twittering thing?  I have no idea how it works, but I have to admit, I love the name. Twittering......it just sounds fun and exciting.  My good friend Jeremy Borash is quite the twitterer these days.  He might be a tiny little man but, wow, can he dazzle you with all his knowledge. He speaks to me sometimes at the shows, except for when Dr. Stevie wouldn't let me talk to him. Dr. Stevie says that Borash is weak and frail and I should not associate myself with him.  Between you and me, I really like Jeremy.  He's a good friend.  I follow him on his Twitter all the time now.
I can't believe that Swine Flu continues to spread, which is another scary thing going on in this crazy world.  The 12th confirmed death occurred this past week.  There are over 5,400 confirmed cases in the USA.  I see everyone now wearing those surgical masks to help prevent spreading germs or catching this virus.  I already have my own mask so I don't have to worry about the flu, I guess. 
I listened to Susan Boyle sing last week and she is unbelievable!  She sounds like an opera queen and has a voice that is pristine.  She may not be too easy on the eyes, but her voice more than makes up for it. I wonder if she really hasn't ever been kissed?  I still haven't either.  I think Lauren will let me kiss her one day. If not, then maybe I can be the first to kiss Ms. Boyle. Wow, that would be great!
Well everyone, I've got to go. I heard Dr. Stevie is here in the building and is looking for me.  I really don't want to have to see him until iMPACT this Thursday. Take care, everyone, and I'll talk to you next week.


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