Alien World Made of Diamonds Discovered in Distant Galaxy is the Most Baller Planet

August 25, 2011

Every bling-wearing musician who ever appeared on "Cribs" can just pack up their stuff and hide it in the storage shed of shame for not thinking of building themselves a home, let alone an entire planet, made from an entire stockpile of high priced diamonds.

Scientists at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia have discovered a new planet in the distant galaxy that is not only five times bigger than Earth, but it's also made entirely out of diamond.

The planet orbits a neutron star in a newly discovered galaxy, one of two that have ever been discovered, lives 4,000 light years from Earth, and was formed by a dead star. Scientists discovered that the planet has enough carbon to crystallize into its diamond surface. So if you missed last Mothers' Day and need to make up for it with an even bigger gift and you have access to space travel that can go faster than the speed of light, this might be a good start.

Photo: David Chambers/Photodisc/Getty Images