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Cops: I'll Raise My Voice Right Back!
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To Frankfurt and Back: The Monster Blog Gets International

by Monster_Abyss   April 30, 2009 at 2:58PM  |  Views: 106

Wow, everyone, I just got home from the beautiful country of Germany where I wrestled this past weekend.  It was a great experience and a fantastic time. Source: EyesWideOpen/Getty Images

I'm so happy Dr. Stevie allowed me out of the institution and my therapy sessions for the last few days so that I could bring the wild world of Abyss to the great fans of Germany.  I was in Frankfurt, Germany and was allowed to see the city and experience the culture.  It was so exciting, especially not having Dr. Stevie around.  He's so mean sometimes and doesn't allow me to experience the finer things in life.  The food was great, too!  I had German sausage and sauerkraut that was absolutely delicious.  Shhhhh... don't tell Dr. Stevie but I even got to taste some fine German beer as well.  It was excellent. Dr. Stevie says that I should not drink and mix my meds, but this was a special occasion. The people and fans of Germany were awesome and made yours truly feel right at home.
Hey, TNA hits the road again this week with shows in Knoxville, Tennessee, Corbin, Kentucky, Pikeville, Kentucky, and Huntington, West Virginia.  I am so excited about coming to these towns and seeing all you great fans.  Dr. Stevie gave me a pass for this week so I can attend each show and be a part of it all.  This Thursday we are in Knoxville and it's going to be a great evening.  I am especially excited because TNA has teamed up with Monster Energy Drink to do a great promotion where some lucky fans can actually win a private meet-and-greet with me. I am so excited. I don't get out too often and when I have a chance to mingle and meet TNA fans I get especially excited.  Don't forget that you can bring an empty can of Monster Engery Drink to the box office in Knoxville and get a special discounted ticket to the Knoxville TNA event. I am drinking a can of it now and wow, does this stuff really pick me up.  I'm going to have to start bringing this stuff to my therapy sessions with Dr. Stevie.


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