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Sarah Palin and Glen Rice Got It On?

by Theta1138   September 14, 2011 at 3:00PM  |  Views: 783
Sarah Palin Glen Rice

Ahh, Sarah Palin. Source of pretty much every joke about Alaska over the last two or three years. Pretty much we only care about the Palins for their personal lives, but apparently there's more to it than just the usual teen pregnancy jokes. Yep, apparently Palin and Glen Rice were an item.

At least that's what Joe McGinniss claims in a tell-all biography he's writing about Palin. According to McGinniss, and apparently confirmed by Rice himself, Palin and Rice were hooking up waaay back in the days of hair metal, 1987, when he was a college baller and she was a sports reporter.

We know, we're shocked Palin was a sports reporter too. She's had quite a life.

According to Rice, it was Palin, fresh out of college who, and we quote, “hauled his ass down.” Before you go “ick”, everything was legal: Palin was just out of college and Rice was in college. So mostly it's just a matter of explaining on national television why she slept with a member of the Hornets. I mean, really, couldn't she have picked a team that anybody outside of North Carolina cares about?

Although maybe he was just good at sinking three-pointers, if you know what we mean. By which we mean he's eighth all time in the league for landing three-pointers. What did you think we mean?

Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images News


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