May 8, 2010


Apulaya transmits the Andean culture in a creative and interactive way, in its real and spontaneous context. Our workshops, courses, study travels and cultural vacations will introduce you to the Andean world, as well as to its inhabitants' wisdom and life experience. Experience the aesthetic pleasure of getting introduced to its art and music, in an active and entertaining way.





Andean music workshops 1 day
This will be a true discovery journey to the Andean musical world. You can experiment styles, instruments and much more... Zampoña (Andean Pan Flute) Course
The zampoña is one of South America´s most popular instruments and it is very easy to learn. Get to know and interpret beautiful popular melodies of the Andes... Quena (Andean Vertical Flute Course)
It is said that the quena´s weeping sound expresses the indigenous soul, as it is another of the Andes´ star instruments. Get introduced to its magic and learn how to interpret beautiful Andean melodies... Andean Music Course 3 days / 2 nights
Learn how toplay Andean musicand live the unforgettable experience ofrecording a video clipin theIncan city of Huchuyqosqo. Sikuri Weekend - The Power of the indigenous music
A magical weekend! Experiment the dialectics of unity and collectivity of the Andean thought through music. The sikuri is an ancestral tradition which is still practiced today. Dynamic and pulsating grooves... a unique and unforgettable experience Andean New Age Workshops 1 day
Experiment with rhythmic patterns, grooves, melodies, sounds and types of instrumental effects, creating different kinds of atmospheres (meditative, festive, ritual, sounds of nature, etc.)
Our workshops and seminaries convey the Andean musical culture in its authenticity, helping you understand its concept in its deepest meaning.


Music is an indispensable part of festivities and celebrations for the Andeans, as it is much more than just entertainment. It is a fundamental component of their cohabitation with Nature and the Cosmos. Every instrument and kind of music has its reason to be, as well as its moment and place of execution,thus showing a marked difference between the Occidental way of musical conception and execution and music engendered by a ritual act.


The different historical circumstances the Andean regions have gone through, along with the multi-ethnicity, complex multi-cultural context and the evermore globalized and industrialized world´s present phenomena, produced a rich and varied contemporaneous folklore. Therefore, we see the coexistence of musical elements that range from classic and pop, to jazz and new age, along with the Andean style.
Our courses and seminaries will develop around these themes, turning your visit into and interesting, entertaining and unforgettable live experience. We will interpret the most beautiful melodies from the popular repertory, from Ecuador to Chile and Argentina. ASan Juanitothat will take you to the Otavalo’s native territory, aLlamaderathat will make you evoke the llamas, alpacas and vicuñas´ kingdom,theHuaynothat will introduce you to the sumptuous Peruvian feasts and celebrations,Sikureadasthat will transport you to the ancestor´s world,urban grooveswith funk and pop influences or perhaps could we imagine a touch of Andean new age?... in the end, you will be able to choose the styles of your preference.
We use methodologies based on the universal musical notation system, but, we also have a very practical and simple pre-pentagramic numbered notation system, for those who prefer not to use the academic notation.



A collection of musical instruments from different regions
A collection of replicas of pre-Incan instruments
Didactic material and audiovisual files
Bibliographic material
Transcriptions of popular melodies of the Andes
A quiet place in the country, distant from urban noise and pollution.