Ep. IV: Sassanid Zhayedan vs. Byzantine Varangians Guard

February 19, 2011

Welcome back to the Fans Bonus Season! Todays battle will have two of the early middle ages most elite army groups. The Zhayedan's, the Sassanid Persains Immortal troops clash with The Varangians, the deadly Byzantine solders. Both are deadly, but:



Sassanid Zhavedan: The Zhavedans (meaning 'Immortal') were the elite shock troop of the Sassanid Empire. The best trained, the best equipped, these men were the best of the best in the Sassanid Army (Note: I may be using both the large scale armies of both the Sassanids and the Byzantines later on). The Zhavedans wre known for their heavy Cataphract attics, but were also very versatile on foot. This match up will have a heavy infantry type Zhavedans.


Close Combat: Sagaris Axe/Round Shield

Mid Range: Sassanid-Indo Spear/Round Sheild

Long Range: Persian Bow and Arrow

Specialized Weapon: Shamshir Sword/Round Shield

Alternative Weapon: Iron Flanged Mace/Round Shield


Head: Spangenhelm Helmet with Chainmail necking and face veil.

Torso: Steel Scales, Chainmail, and Steel Cuirass.

Arms: Chainmail Sleeves.

Legs: Steel Scale Thigh Gaurds.

Blocking: Round Iron Sheild.


Fighting Style: Disable at a distance, Shock Attack, Light Skirmish 

Fighting Skills: Well Practiced with weapon/shield combo. Advance use of Bow. Some level of speed with armour. No martial skill.