Wheelchair Double Back Flip is Horribly Dangerous, Oddly Inspiring

August 30, 2010

Sports have always been an amazing venue for courageous athletes to accomplish impossible feats. For paraplegic daredevil Aaron Fotheringham, this meant defying gravity and showing the athletic world that greatness comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The double back flip had never been completed in a wheelchair until Fotheringham stuck the landing with dozens of awe-struck onlookers cheering him on.

His refusal to give up after several failed attempts and infectiously positive attitude throughout the process make the exploit that much more inspiring. If professional athletes could share this attitude, the sporting world might become a more wholesome and/or less criminally liable place. (Though, admittedly, I'd probably be out of a job.)

Anyway, congrats Aaron on this tremendous accomplishment.


Photo: YouTube.com